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Establishing Desertion As Grounds for Divorce in Maryland 

Desertion is an unjustified cessation of the marital relationship. It does not matter how long the desertion has lasted for obtaining a limited divorce, provided that one party deliberately intended to abandon the other. Depending on the separation length, desertion can be grounds for a fixed or absolute divorce. The following elements must exist, at the same time, for there to be desertion: 

  • The parties no longer physically reside together. 
  • The parties have no sexual relationship after the desertion. 
  • The deserting spouse must intentionally abandon the other spouse.
  • The deserting spouse must intend to end the marriage.
  • The other spouse's bad behavior cannot justify the abandonment.

Desertion is the opposite of mutual and voluntary separation, and the refusal to resume cohabitation is good evidence of desertion.  

Constructive Desertion: When the "Good Spouse" Leaves 

Constructive desertion exists when a spouse moves out (or deserts) to protect their health, safety, and self-respect. The offense must be sufficient to render the continuation of cohabitation intolerable (the judge decides what is "intolerable" on a case-by-case basis). Constructive desertion may also arise from the refusal to engage in marital relations even while two spouses reside under the same roof as long as they do not share a bedroom and cohabitate. Constructive desertion must be corroborated with evidence, and the Circuit Court determines the value of the proof of the Baltimore County Judge. The following are examples of constructive desertion: 

  • The spouse who leaves was the victim of cruelty. 
  • The spouse who left was the victim of domestic violence.  
  • The spouse who leaves attempted to engage in sexual relations with the other spouse, who refused to engage in sexual relations over a substantial period.

Consider: The Court has found that forcing a wife to live with an intolerable and overbearing mother-in-law is constructive desertion, where the husband did nothing to reign in his out-of-control mother and defend his wife. 

Signs that there is No Desertion: 

In the following situations, there probably is no desertion under Maryland law: 

  • The parties have a Marital Separation Agreement. 
  • The parties sleep in the same bedroom. 
  • The cause for separation is deployment for military service. 
  • The cause of the break is a domestic violence protective order. 
  • After separating, the parties continue to have sex regularly. 
  • The parties separate to take a "time out" and intend to resume living together. 

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