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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Custody For Children Born Outside of Marriage in Maryland.

Written by Amar Weisman » May 1, 2013 » Family Law Blog Posts Custody & Visitation Blog Posts

Custody issues can be emotional, complex, and downright messy for all parties involved. However, when a child’s parents were never married to begin with, custody disputes can become even more complicated. With marriage rates in the United States at record lows, these types of custody cases are becoming more and more commonplace.

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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Child Support Enforcement Administration

Written by Amar Weisman » April 27, 2013 » Family Law Blog Posts

For those of you who are ordered to receive Child Support, your Baltimore Family Lawyer notes that Maryland's Department of Human Resources has now corrected seven out of 11 issues that were raised in an audit of the Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) by the Office of Legislative Audits. The department has plans to remedy the remaining four issues by the end of April. A 2011 audit revealed that CSEA was not effectively using all of the available enforcement tools to get parents throughout the state of Maryland to pay Child Support as ordered. However, despite the positive strides that the state has made, the issues raised by the audit are not considered to be fully corrected until certified by the auditors. As a result, the department will lose out on $100,000 of its 2013 appropriation.



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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Written by Amar Weisman » February 22, 2013 » Family Law Blog Posts

CNN Money recently featured an article about the effects on Social Security benefits when older citizens decide to divorce after a long marriage.  Your Baltimore divorce attorney has seen a trend in couples turning to divorce in later life in order to seek the true happiness that they deserve.  The impact of divorce on Social Security benefits becomes a significant issue as each spouse sorts out his or her new financial situation as a single person.

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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce

Written by Amar Weisman » February 1, 2013 » Family Law Blog Posts

A recent Baltimore Sun article details the love story of a Towson couple who has become one of the first same-sex couples to legally wed in the state of Maryland. The couple has been together for 17 years, underwent a symbolic marriage ceremony in 2006 and is raising a two-year-old daughter. They married at their home just after the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, among family and friends.

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