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Serving you from our baltimore & towson office

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Baltimore & Towson Family Lawyer Amar S. Weisman

Integrity, Excellence and Location Is Everything. 

The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman is a boutique law firm established  in 2007 with one attorney and a dedicated staff serving a limited number of clients well. The firm is designed, built and organized to help people with family law matters in Baltimore County, Baltimore City and Harford County. During the last twelve years, Amar S. Weisman has managed more than 500 domestic Circuit Court cases spanning dozens of Practice Areas, including:

Thoughtful Strategy for Divorce and Child Custody

Amar S. Weisman is an experienced and talented professional with experience managing both difficult and straightforward family law matters. If you hire the Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman, we will: 

  • Represent you at the Scheduling Conference, Pendente Lite Hearing, Settlement Conference, Merits Trial and special actions for Enforcement and Contempt
  • Identify, request, organize and utilize Evidence using Subpoenas and Discovery
  • Prepare Court Papers with attention to detail, proper Blue Book or ALWD citation, and peer-leading typography (using  professional fonts that make court filings elegant, easier to read and reflect a higher level of care). Mr. Weisman crafts court papers himself without subcontracting, subordinating or relying on others to do the hard part. When completed, the firm files papers electronically (except in Baltimore City which will be online in approximately one decade) using the Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC).
  • Negotiate from a position of strength.

Local Roots and a Personal Story

Amar S. Weisman was born in Towson and attended The Boys' Latin School of MarylandGeorgetown University and the University of Baltimore Peter Angelos School of Law. Having gone through his own divorce in 2013, Amar S. Weisman learned from being a client:

  • Nothing is routine, guaranteed or easy.
  • Every court hearing, document, phone call matters.
  • Clients depend on attorneys to protect not only their financial future but also their integrity. 

 The Truth

Your family law case will probably go better if you accept certain realities. If you want an attorney to tell you what you want to hear, because you angry, probably for valid reasons, then you need to know that I consider life too short to play games with clients. These are basic truths as understood by me:


  1. There are no guarantees. No matter how you, as a client, craft the question, the truth is that family law cases have a wide variety of possible outcomes. When you hire an attorney, you are not paying for a result. There might be likely outcomes, but there are no guaranteed outcomes.
  2. Evidence matters, including pointing out how the opposing party has wronged you, or even wronged your child. However, character assassination is usually an awful strategy.  Very few people win when they go to court manifesting anger. If you imagine the process ending with you getting everything you want, because a judge found that the other party is bad, evil, or  100% at fault, that is probably not going to happen.  If you want a winning strategy, build yourself up instead of tearing the other side down.
  3. Unless you live out of state, the best way to communicate with your attorney is meeting face-to-face. In my experience, clients who meet with me regularly face to face are much happier and the ones with recurring standing appointments have the best outcomes. If you think cell phones, text messages and long emails are the way to build an attorney-client relationship, I disagree.
  4. Meeting regularly is the most effective, least repetitive, and most interactive way to understand and be understood. If you care about your case, then you should meet with your lawyer, eye-to-eye, as frequently as the complexity of your case requires.

Respect for Your Money 

The initial consultation is free BUT the ONLY purpose of the  consultation is to help you decide whether you want to hire Amar S. Weisman.

Certain Matters Are NOT Accepted At This Time

Due to the size and boutique nature of the firm, please  do not contact this law firm to obtain representation if you have recently fired two or more attorneys, or if two or more law firms have fired you for non-payment, not complying with discovery or not taking advice. Please do not contact the law firm for a consultation if you are seeking an emergency hearing AND you have already been denied emergency relief on multiple occasions. At this time, the firm is not accepting pro bono cases, not accepting cases on the CINA docket and not accepting cases on behalf of individuals presently incarcerated. The firm seeks clients who will follow the advice they pay for. If you want an attorney who will tell you what you want to hear, look elsewhere.  Clients must pay a retainer and Amar S. Weisman will bill against the retainer at a rate of $250.00 per hour. Please see the firm Policy on Fees and Costs.  

We represent clients in Baltimore County, Baltimore City and Harford County including Aberdeen, Abingdon, Annapolis, Bel Air, Catonsville,  Cockeysville, Crofton, Edgewood, Essex, Lutherville, Parkville, Severna Park, Timonium and Towson. 

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