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Amar S. Weisman has practiced family law for more than 17 years of experience, including more than 1,750 Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support cases in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County and surrounding jurisdictions, resulting in the following recognitions for his Family Law Firm: 

Family Law | Divorce 

Having gone through his own divorce, Amar S. Weisman is sensitive to the financial and psychological costs of the divorce process. During 17 years of practice, Amar S. Weisman has advocated for clients in contested and collaborative law/uncontested divorce proceedings and can handle all legal issues incidental to divorce, including establishing grounds for divorce, uncontested divorce, protecting marital property, spousal support, including temporary, rehabilitative and indefinite alimony, separation agreement preparation, dividing retirement assets, and dealing with the marital home, from the filing of the initial Complaint for Absolute Divorce through the Trial on the Merits. Many divorce cases are settled with the entry of a Marital Settlement Agreement.

The first step in divorce is to identify legal issues and set realistic goals. Amar S. Weisman also has more than 17 years of experience with post-divorce modifications in this area of family law. 

Family Law | Child Custody 

Child Custody decisions are decided based on the BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD ANALYSIS. Amar Weisman has adjudicated several hundred Child Custody Cases in this area of family law in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County including:

  • Contested Custody Disputes 
  • Collaborative Law/Mediation 
  • Parenting Plans and Custody Agreements

Family Law | The Maryland Family Law Process 

Whether the case is heavily contested or a collaborative law matter, the procedural path in all areas of family law, including child custody, is governed by Maryland Law, including Maryland Rules, the Maryland Code Annotated, the Family Law Article, Tables of Filing Fees, the Differentiated Case Management Plan of the Particular County. The DCM Plans include opportunities for mediation and collaborative law and always include a provision regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution including mediation. There is no legal separation in Maryland. Here are links to the Court System DCM Plans for local jurisdictions served by the Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman:

Family Law | Evidence 

 Evidence in Baltimore County Divorce Law 

  • Reardless of the area of family law, the meticulous preparation of evidence is paramount before bringing your case to the Circuit Corut for Baltimore County, especially under the guidance of Amar S. Weisman, recognized as a top divorce lawyer. Witness preparation is key at the Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman, involving detailed coaching for both direct and cross-examinations to ensure witnesses are well-prepared under the stringent Rules of Evidence. This includes acquainting witnesses with the hearsay rule and the expected contours of their testimonies, which is crucial for presenting a solid case in court.
  • After filing for divorce, the selection of witnesses is handled precisely, focusing on gathering fact witnesses who bring indispensable insights into the case's financial, personal, and parental dynamics. These witnesses range from accountants who clarify financial details to childcare providers and teachers who can attest to the children's well-being, all vital for Towson custody lawyers building a compelling argument.
  • Expert witnesses such as Child Custody Evaluators and Forensic Accountants are integral to our strategy, providing specialized knowledge that can be pivotal in court. Their expert testimony, combined with thorough documentation and strategic exhibit management—including financial records, medical documentation, and personal communications—ensures that every aspect of the case is robustly supported.

Evidence in Baltimore County Custody Cases 

The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman prioritizes the meticulous gathering of evidence in Child Custody cases to address all pertinent legal aspects of the Best Interest of the Child Analysis. Key documents and testimonies assembled include the child's Birth Certificate, Child Custody Evaluation, and Deposition Transcripts. Discovery Responses and Health Insurance Documentation are scrutinized alongside Home Study Reports about where the child lives, and Pediatrician Records. Photographic evidence of the child's activities and living environment, as well as Police Reports and the Recommendations of the Best Interest Attorney, play a critical role. School Attendance Records and Report Cards provide insights into the child's educational background, and the qualifications of the custodial parent. Testimonies from the father, mother, family friends, law enforcement, and relatives are integral to constructing a comprehensive factual foundation for each case. The details from divorce mediation are not admissible into evidence about the best possible custody arrangement.

Family Law | Circuit Court Hearings

 In Baltimore County Family Law, various hearings play critical roles throughout the divorce and custody process. Scheduling Conferences sets the timeline for the case and determines dates for important filings and proceedings. Settlement Conferences allow parties to resolve issues before trial, facilitated by a judge who helps negotiate terms. Pendente Lite Hearings are crucial for establishing temporary arrangements regarding custody, child support, and alimony, ensuring stability until a final decision is made. Merits Trials are where all evidence is presented, and decisions on all contested issues are finalized. Of course, the goal of all work including preparing for hearings is to reach an agreement.

Family Law | Post-Divorce Judgment Modification 

Modification Hearings can be petitioned post-judgment if there are significant changes in circumstances that warrant adjustments to custody, support, or alimony orders. Each of these hearings requires meticulous preparation and a strategic approach to effectively advocate for the client’s best interests in complex family law matters. We also assist clients in preparing post-nuptial agreements.

Family Law | Professionalism 

As a Towson divorce lawyer, I fight for what matters in your Baltimore County Family Law Matter. I have been included on several Best Divorce Lawyer in Baltimore lists. As a client and a litigant, I have been in your shoes, depending on the Court System, urgently needing a skilled attorney when everything is at stake. I understand the importance of each court paper, hearing, and attorney correspondence from personal experience. For seventeen years, I have handled contested divorce, uncontested divorce, and child custody cases in Towson, Maryland, starting on East Chesapeake Avenue, moving to 305 Allegheny Avenue, and now based at 1018 Dulaney Valley Road. My extensive training, experience, and dedication to effectively presenting evidence in family court underpin my approach, which includes collaborative law. I prioritize active listening, clear communication, meticulous organization, and applying the law to ensure accountability. With each year, I focus on professionalism, ethics, and integrity, considering integrity essential. My Baltimore County Family Lawyer background, including in mediation and collaborative law, underscores the need for methodical business practices, driven by energy, precise focus on legal issues, facts, and effective communication. It is vital to understand the court system that may affect your future. I dispel the myth that lawyering is about bluster and deception. As a family law attorney, I adhere to the Rules of Professional Responsibility, committed to delivering competence, diligence, loyalty, and sound legal counsel to each client.

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