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Judge Justin King, Thank You

Written by Amar Weisman » October 11, 2023 »

The Honorable Justin J. King, until very recently, was an amazing judge in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County known for being all of the good things: fair, compassionate, smart, wise, thoughtful, and good. He was logical, even-handed, and sometimes a little funny and he loved doing his job, every litigant and lawyer saw, and the respect he demonstrated to everyone was striking--he was not in the least bit jaded, not even by the family law docket. I know a few people who were very close to Judge King and it is obvious he was as good a friend to his peers as he was a judge. It will be sad walking past his courtroom knowing he was is not there. He made the whole courthouse, the system, the community--he made all of it a lot better. I wish I knew Judge King better, but from what I sensed being around him is that he was a very big man.