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Baltimore County Family Lawyer Discusses The Impact of Popularity on Child Custody Cases

Written by Amar Weisman » June 29, 2016 »

For parents who are going through a divorce, it is not unusual for one (or both) parents to attempt to sway their child’s thoughts about them -- usually in an effort to be tagged as the favorite in the child’s eyes and gain traction if there is  a child custody cispute. However, parents should keep in mind that the issue of child custody is not about which parent is the most popular, but rather, what is in the child’s best interest overall.

During the divorce process, some children may begin to feel a sense of disconnect between themselves and the parents as the family setting begins to change little by little. When everything is intact, the parents generally work in harmony to mold their child’s life by creating and enforcing various rules to live by.

Still, as the divorce process approaches its final stages, some parents work hard to ensure that the child knows he or she is loved -- so much so that they may decide to “disregard” some of the established household rules in an effort to become the child’s favorite parent.

However, parents, take note: In certain cases, attempting to be the favorite parent might do you more harm than good, especially in a Maryland family court.

Know What Matters in Child Custody Cases

Depending on the jurisdiction, the court will take various factors into account when determining the best interest of the child. In some instances, the child may be permitted to express his or her wishes with regard to which parent he or she would like to live with. Still, it is important for everyone involved to know and understand what the court will look at when evaluating a child’s wishes.

One thing that parents should keep in mind is that the child’s wishes, while they will be taken into account, will not control the court’s decision with respect to resolving custody-related issues. Nevertheless, if the child is older, it will be more difficult for a court to make a decision that is contrary to the child’s wishes -- even if the parent the child does not wish to be with is better at parenting than the other.

Parents should also be aware that custody orders can be modified, as the court is well aware of the ever-changing nature of custody arrangements. What this means is that the court might later determine that the child would be better off with the other parent than the one initially selected. In such cases, the custody order can be modified.

Additionally, parents should work hard to continue to co-parent, regardless of their own personal situations. When kids are aware of the fact that their parents are unable to speak to each other and work together despite the circumstances, that might just be the push they need to pick sides. However, parents are always encouraged to work with each other to ensure they are able to co-parent and avoid an all-out popularity war.

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