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Baltimore County Family Law Lawyer Fees & Costs

What Is The Cost & Purpose of the Initial Consultation?

The initial consultation with Amar S. Weisman is offered at no charge and serves as an opportunity for you to determine whether you wish to engage him as your attorney. During this consultation, Mr. Weisman will inquire about your case, explain the course of action he intends to take if you decide to retain his services and answer any questions you may have. To secure legal representation, you will be required to provide a retainer. The specific amount of the retainer varies depending on the complexity of your case, with retainers starting at $3,500.00. Attorney fees are then deducted from the retainer on an hourly basis, with Mr. Weisman's hourly rate set at $300.00 per hour.

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What Are Typical Billable Events In Baltimore & Towson Family Law Matters

Court Hearings
Communicating With Client
  • Telephone Calls, Text Messages, and In-Person Conferences with the Client.
Communicating With Opposing Counsel
  • Written & Telephone Communications With Opposing Counsel, Including Negotiation.
Preparing Court Papers
  • Preparing Complaints For Divorce/Custody and Answers To the Opposing Party's Complaint/Counter-Complaint.
  • Discovery Motions to Compel Discovery and For Sanctions--So You Obtain The Evidence You Need Well Before The Court Date.
  • Petitions For Contempt To Enforce Court Orders That Are Entered In Your Favor When The Other Side Is Disobedient.
  • Joint Statements Concerning Marital and Non-Marital Property
Time Spent On Discovery
  • Preparing Subpoenas Forcing Banks, Schools, Witnesses & Government Agencies To Provide the Law Firm With Critical Information.
  • Preparing Interrogatories and Document Requests That Command The Other Side To Produce Information and Evidence.
  • Complying With The Opposing Party's Requests To Prevent You From Being Penalized By The Judge.
Legal Research
  • Researching The Maryland Rules To Give You Every Procedural Advantage & Argument.
  • Researching Family Law Statutes & Cases To Show, The Law Is On Your Side.

How Can I Reduce My Legal Fees?

Reducing legal fees is a concern for both clients and attorneys, and there are several strategies to make the process more efficient and cost-effective. Consider setting up regular bi-weekly meetings with your attorney to consolidate communications and reduce the time spent on email and text exchanges. Organizing all relevant documents in chronological order, without any markings or highlights, can save time that might otherwise be spent sorting and deciphering the data, which is particularly useful in cases that involve a lot of paperwork like divorce or custody matters. Being proactive in retrieving requested documents, even if it means going to a bank or contacting a state agency in person, can speed up the legal process and minimize billable hours. Setting clear goals at the outset of your case can streamline the legal proceedings by providing a focused direction, thereby avoiding unnecessary actions that do not contribute to the desired outcome. Being punctual for all court hearings not only positively reflects on your case but also maximizes the use of time that your attorney has allocated for you. Lastly, restricting casual conversations about your case with others can prevent conflicting advice that might compel you to seek additional counsel, subsequently increasing legal fees.

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