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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Lessons To Learn From The Chris Rock Divorce

Written by Amar Weisman » January 22, 2015 »

CNN and various other news outlets report another celebrity marriage has ended with a trip to a divorce lawyer. Actor and comedian Chris Rock filed for divorce from his wife of 19 years. Rock's representative noted that the matter was personal and "Chris requests privacy as he and Malaak work through the process and focus on their family." The couple shares two young girls, ages 10 and 12. Those close to the couple say despite their lengthy marriage, the divorce was a long time coming.

So, what makes couples who have spent several years together as one decide to call it quits? Your Baltimore and Towson divorce lawyer will tell you that people stay together longer than they probably should for a variety of reasons.

The Choices Couples Make

Decisions pertaining to relationships are often difficult to make. When a relationship becomes unhealthy, do you stay or should you go? There are arguments made on both sides. Some do not give it much thought and simply decide to leave the marriage, while others continue to fight a seemingly losing battle in an effort to keep their family together.

But what if children are involved? Is it good to stay in a relationship that is clearly miserable for the sake of the kids? Sadly, there is no "one size fits all" answer that works in all cases and how a couple resolves the dilemma will depend on their specific situation.

Time can reveal plenty. Some individuals may stay based on the fact that all marriages go through occasional rough patches and things will get better eventually, and for some, the situation does subsequently improve. If that occurs, then that couple made a wise decision to stay together instead of giving up on the relationship. Alternatively, some couples stay together, constantly questioning whether they should stay or go. Meanwhile, healthier relationships are missed and the parties stick around, living in regret. Undoubtedly, this is not the best situation for the adults or any kids involved.

Divorce is Nothing to Take Lightly

As couples contemplate divorce, it is crucial they do so with clear heads and an understanding that the process will likely be difficult. Couples in Baltimore and elsewhere throughout Maryland can seek either a limited divorce or absolute divorce.

Limited divorces are granted to permit couples to live separate and apart if the party seeking such divorce has experienced cruel treatment (or the complaining party's child has experienced such treatment), desertion, excessive viciousness or voluntary separation.

An absolute divorce may be granted in cases involving adultery, desertion that has lasted at least 12 months, cruel treatment, excessive viciousness, misdemeanor or felony convictions (depending on the sentence) and insanity.

Parties should note that limited divorces can be filed right away, no matter the grounds. However, the time period in which an absolute divorce may be filed is determined by the grounds for the divorce.

If you are wondering about when you can start dating someone new or remarry, in Maryland, parties can only remarry once they have received a Judgment of Divorce that has been signed by a judge. However, with respect to dating, that is a personal decision. Still, parting couples should keep in mind if the divorce is not finalized, sex with any individual other than your spouse is considered adultery under the law.

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