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Baltimore & Towson Lawyers Discusses Upsides and Downsides of Joint Physical Custody

Written by Amar Weisman » December 28, 2015 »

When it comes to the issue of child custody, your Towson family law attorney will tell you that Maryland courts tend to prefer giving parents joint physical custody (unless there is a clear-cut reason not to grant joint custody, as in cases of abuse). However, it is important for parents to keep in mind the pros and cons of joint parenting plans and physical custody arrangements.

The following information is provided to help parents understand the good and bad aspects of joint physical custody. However, parents who are faced with child custody situations are encouraged to work with a knowledgeable family law attorney who can best advise them based on their specific situation.

The Pros of Joint Physical Custody in Baltimore County. 

One of the primary advantages of parents maintaining joint physical custody of their children is that such an arrangement will give the children a chance to maintain strong, close relationships with both parents. Undoubtedly, after parents separate or divorce, their lives change significantly, given that each of them is now thrust into single parenthood. It’s an adjustment for everyone involved, so both mothers and fathers need some relief from the pressures routinely experienced by single parents all around the country. For the children, however, the availability of both parents allows them to continue to experience guidance, discipline and love from each – without much interruption.

Another advantage of joint physical custody arrangements is that the entire situation surrounding the separation or divorce of the parents may be made a bit easier for the kids to handle, such that they may not experience the traumatic feelings of loss and/or rejection that is often found in cases where one of the parents move out. Kids who still have access to both of their parents tend to adjust and move on to be able to focus on simply being a kid and growing up.

Kids in joint physical custody situations also tend to benefit from receiving child support payments on a more regular basis, as opposed to those situations where only one parent has physical custody and the payments tend to be a bit more sporadic in some instances.

The Downside of Joint Physical Custody

For those dealing with custody issues, there is an obvious downside to the joint physical custody arrangement, and that is the fact that the kids are constantly bounced around from home to home, especially in cases where there is no clear-cut schedule or plan.

Additionally, the child or children may suffer a psychological impact due to the fact that they feel as though their lives are in chaos. Children generally need stability and predictability as they begin to grow up and develop their own personal levels of confidence and risk-taking skills.

Another “con” to joint physical custody arrangements concerns the overall expense of keeping two complete households. Parents will essentially have to double-up on everything from furnishings to clothing and other personal necessities for the children.

When looking at whether joint physical custody would work in a particular situation, the courts must look at how motivated the parents are to making the situation work in the best interest of the kids. The kids’ ages, personalities and overall needs must also be considered, along with the financial standing of the parents. If you would like to learn more about joint physical custody and how it might affect your current Middle River situation, contact the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC for help today.

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