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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Broadening of Maryland Divorce Laws

Written by Amar Weisman » May 20, 2015 »

Maryland's divorce laws are often thought of as being extremely restrictive to state residents seeking to end their marital relationships for one reason or another. For instance, under current state divorce laws, a couple seeking a divorce is subject to a one-year waiting period during which time they must live separate and apart.

As is the case with many other rules and laws that exist, there are exceptions to that rule, particularly in cases that involve some type of marital misconduct, such as excessively vicious behavior or adultery.

According to an article on Herald-Mail Media, a small number of bills with respect to Maryland's divorce laws are making their way through the state legislature. The bills are sponsored by lawmakers with experience in family law. Those in favor of the changes to the laws note that a broadening of the scope of eligible divorce cases might help protect domestic abuse victims and children.

What the Changes Could Mean for Divorcing Couples

As noted above, one of the bill introduced by a Baltimore County senator would make it possible to speed up the divorce process so couples will not have to wait for a year before filing for divorce. Couples would be permitted to file as soon as they have reached an agreement with respect to property distribution, care of any children shared by the couple and alimony. 

The agreement will be subject to independent review to make certain any agreements made with regard to the children are in their best interest.

Why is this change necessary? The senator stated that getting rid of the one-year requirement would be helpful such that couples will not simply sit around waiting out the clock, which is "the time period when all the mischief happens."

Another bill that has been introduced by a Montgomery delegate seeks to make it simpler for some parties to get limited divorces in cases involving domestic abuse that has led to the demise of the marriage.

Under this law, a spouse could get the formal separation that a limited divorce provides without being required to demonstrate irreconcilable differences or that the divorce was voluntary. The delegate stated, "Requiring the abused party to prove that both parties agreed to separate could lead to further anxiety and conflict."

At the time of this blog, the bills have not gone into effect; however, both bills have passed in one chamber and lawmakers are currently awaiting committee reports.

Seek Legal Guidance if You Are Divorcing

There are many people who attempt to handle their own divorces without using an attorney; however, it is always best to speak with an experienced Towson divorce lawyer who can help guide you through the intricate laws and the divorce process in general.

There are a number of divorce strategies available to couples and depending on the specifics of your situation, there may be a strategy available that will allow you to move forward with your new life as quickly as possible.

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