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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Maryland Woman Accusing Sister Of Domestic Violence

Written by Amar Weisman » August 4, 2014 »

In the state of Maryland, any act of violence committed by one family or household member on another family or household member can be deemed to be a crime of domestic violence that is subject to legal penalties, such as steep fines and jail time. That being the case, anyone who has been charged or accused of the offense is strongly encouraged to contact a Baltimore and Towson family law attorney as soon as possible in order to begin mounting an effective defense.  According to a recent article, one woman has found herself in a legal bind after being charged with domestic violence.

The new story notes that a woman from Easton, Maryland has been accused of assaulting her sister during an argument that took place in mid-July. Police handling the case stated that they responded to a report of domestic assault, during which time the victim advised that she and her sister were arguing and the argument led to a physical altercation that resulted in her injuries. The sister who has been accused of the assault was taken into custody and ultimately released on her own recognizance.

What Type of Acts Can Be Considered "Domestic Violence"?

Actions that can be deemed domestic violence will vary; however, under Maryland law, acts such as assault, stalking, false imprisonment/kidnapping, rape/attempted rape, abuse of vulnerable adults or children and acts that either cause bodily harm to an individual or cause them to fear that they are in imminent danger of sustaining serious bodily injury. Your Baltimore and Towson family law attorney will tell you that based on the nature and extent of the alleged act, anyone convicted of domestic violence might face misdemeanor or felony charges, as well as substantial fines that could lead to financial hardship.

Accused individuals should note that the harsh reality of some situations is that the claims and allegations made by some victims are fabricated for any number of reason. For example, if the alleged domestic violence took place between a couple, one party might decide to make claims of domestic violence in an effort to have the upper hand when trying to obtain custody of the children.

What Might Happen Next After the Allegation Has Been Made?

After an alleged domestic violence incident takes place, the victim might seek to obtain a protective order against the perpetrator of the violence. If that occurs, the accused individual might lose not only access to his or her own residence, but he or she could lose custody of the kids. Moreover, if the accused individual violates the protective order, he or she might be subject to time in jail, a substantial fine or both.

Depending on the relationship of the parties involved, the victim might elect to obtain a peace order. Peace orders provide legal protection to anybody who is having problems with any individual, even those who are dating and in a relationship or a next door neighbor. A peace order can allow the judge to order the alleged abuser to stop the abusive acts and/or stay away from the victim.

If you or someone you love has been accused of domestic violence, you need to know your rights. Contact a Baltimore and Towson family law attorney at the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC right away for assistance.

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