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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Mental Health, Addiction & Divorce

Written by Amar Weisman » December 19, 2014 »

Divorcing someone who suffers with mental health and/or addiction issues can be a special type of challenge. In fact, it may not be until after you marry an individual that he or she reveals several different personality traits, none of which are very pleasant to deal with. The spouse may not even realize that he or she has a problem, and when you attempt to point out the issues, an argument ensues.

Ultimately, you decide it would be better for you to go your separate ways – but how easy will it be to get the divorce you so desperately want? Your Baltimore and Towson divorce lawyer knows that such cases can be quite tricky for a judge to decide.

The Court System that is Supposed to Help You May Not Be Well Equipped to Do So

Take, for example, one spouse has a serious drug problem, such that they stay out all night for days at a time. You have children; however, you feel as though you are a single parent since you have to raise them pretty much on your own every day. Someone calls you one evening to tell you your spouse was passed out in an alley behind an old building downtown. The spouse ultimately returns home and you inquire as to his or her whereabouts.

When you tell the spouse about the call you received, they get very combative, noting that you can't prove a thing. You ask the spouse to leave, but he or she won't. So far, it seems likely that the court may be prepared to handle such a scenario – but is it?

You go to court where you explain to the judge the above scenario, but the spouse denies everything from start to finish, and does so in a convincing manner. So, what can you do? Unfortunately, in some instances, the judge may determine you are simply making up the story in an effort to get the spouse away from you and out your kids' lives. Ultimately, the judge could decide to grant the spouse custody of your children if he or she believes you are not trustworthy.

Sadly, judges in Towson can only rule on what they see and hear during the trial, which is often severely limited information. Those who are interested in divorcing a mentally ill spouse are encouraged to work with skilled lawyers who will be prepared to handle your case by determining if there is a need for expert and fact witnesses, mental health evaluations and any other tactics that may help you obtain the divorce you are seeking.

What Are Your Options In Baltimore County?

If you are interested in divorcing your spouse after he or she has shown signs of mental illness, speak to a divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC as soon as possible.

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