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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses New Child Support Laws

Written by Amar Weisman » May 22, 2015 »

The laws pertaining to the collection of child support from parents living in different states from each other may be about to change dramatically in many states in 2015. The Uniform Interstate Family Security Act is a new law that will permit a parent who lives in one state to be able to collect child support payments from the other parent who resides in another state.

All 50 states will be required to pass a version of the new law prior to the end of their 2015 legislative sessions in order to keep receiving various federal benefits. If a state does not pass the law, it will forfeit its right to not only distribute child support payments from parents living out of state, but they will also be unable to collect those payments.

If the Law Passes, What Will it Mean for Parents in Maryland?

Passage of the law will permit states to keep receiving federal funds that can be used to help track payments, as well as permit the state to use various federal tools that will allow the state to receive payments from those living in different jurisdictions.

Maryland has already complied with the order by passing a version of the law back in 2008; however, the law's consistency will depend in large part upon the state in which the other parent lives and whether or not it complies with the order.

Parents should be aware that the updated law will help the states be compliant with an international treaty that permits enforcement of child support rulings that cross numerous country borders. However, many have noted that if other states fail to pass the law, enforcement of payments made interstate will ultimately become nonexistent.

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Simply stated, parents living in Maryland who are seeking child support from a parent living in a different state need not be worried about the new law, primarily because the law does not have to be reciprocal in order for it to be valid in a state -- only the state where one parent resides must have the law in place for child support rulings to be enforced across state lines.

Child support issues are often quite difficult to deal with, especially when one parent lives in a different state or country. Those parents with questions or concerns are encouraged to speak with a knowledgeable Towson family law attorney as soon as possible to learn more about how the law may be applied to their specific situation. Call the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC right away.

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