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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Modifications To Increase Child Support

Written by Amar Weisman » July 4, 2014 »

All children have the right to receive support from both of their parents, even if those parents make the decision to get divorced or separated. Support not only includes monetary support, but it should also include emotional and medical support that children will need in order to thrive and grow. Child support payments are set based on certain state guidelines and a number of factors; however, as your Baltimore and Towson divorce lawyer will tell you, there may come a time when the established child support order will need to be adjusted.

That was certainly the case for singer-songwriter Marc Anthony. Anthony was recently ordered to pay double the original child support order amount. Anthony's ex-wife argued to a judge that the $13,000 per month that Anthony was paying was inadequate. Accordingly, she sought to obtain more than $100,000 per month from the star. The judge did not grant that amount; however, the judge did order Anthony to pay a little over $26,000 a month, based on the fact that Anthony has been bringing in an income of over $600,000 a month so far in 2014.  

What Needs to be Done in Order to Change Child Support Payments?

Parents who are interested in changing or modifying child support payments should be aware that they will need to take certain steps to do so. Changes to child support are not automatic. That said, the parent who is seeking the change must petition the court to modify the child support order by submitting a motion to the court that made the original child support award.

A knowledgeable Baltimore and Towson divorce lawyer knows that the court can modify the support order if either of the parties' situations have changed in a material way. For instance, it must be demonstrated that the facts that existed at the time the latest child support order was entered have changed in some way. That could mean that if a parent's income increases (like in the above-mentioned case) or decreases by a certain percentage, that may be sufficient enough to justify a change in child support.

If a parent does not wish to file a Motion To Modify Child Support and petition the Circuit Court for the child support modification, he or she can also ask the Child Support Enforcement Agency ("CSEA") office to review the child support order for potential changes once every three years. Such requests must be made in writing and they should contain an explanation as to why the parent is asking for a review.

Some parties might attempt to make changes on their own by agreeing to make adjustments orally without court intervention. However, altering court-ordered child support payments based on oral agreements can lead to tons of problems and a great deal of confusion in the future. At the very least, the parties should put whatever agreement is reached in writing so that there is no confusion should something happen at a later date.

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