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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Selecting The Right Divorce Lawyer

Written by Amar Weisman » July 24, 2015 »

Some people go through life without ever needing legal guidance or counseling. However, there are various times when individuals will need to rely on the skilled services of a capable lawyer. Needing a lawyer does not necessarily mean you are “in trouble with the law.” Sometimes, attorneys are needed to help you handle business deals -- or you may simply need one for purposes of estate planning.

One instance in particular when a lawyer may be needed is during a divorce. At a time when you are taking a step that will ultimately change your life, it is important to choose a divorce lawyer who will look out for your best interests and help ensure that you are receiving everything to which you may be entitled.

The following information is provided to give individuals some insight into what to look for when trying to choose the right divorce lawyer.

Don’t Just Pick Up the Phone Book to Choose a Lawyer For Your Case
If you have had the need to use an attorney in the past, you may be tempted to simply contact that same attorney again to help you with your divorce. However, when it comes to divorces, it is imperative that you work with a lawyer who has specific experience in family law. That means that the attorney who helped you draft your will or establish your new business may not be an appropriate lawyer to take on your divorce case.

Additionally, if you have friends or family who has used a family law attorney in the past, you are encouraged to contact them to ask about their experience with the attorney they used. Word of mouth can sometimes be very helpful when trying to find a good attorney who will look out for you and your needs.

Also, if your divorce involves additional issues related to child custody and/or visitation, it is important to employ a lawyer who will put your kids’ needs first.

Look at the Lawyer’s Experience and Skill Level
While there are a number of things to take into consideration when choosing an attorney, one primary consideration should be the lawyer’s skill and experience in handling divorce cases. It is very important for you to hire a lawyer who has the legal know-how and proven track record to assist you with your case.

For example, if you are at a point where you need help with negotiating a divorce settlement, you may want to consider an attorney who works well with others, is a good problem solver and is comfortable with appearing in court.

Even though you may not end up in court with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, reviewing an attorney’s track record in such cases will go a long way toward helping you determine whether or not he or she is able to negotiate with the opposing attorney.

Those looking for an attorney are encouraged not to base such a crucial decision on outward appearances. Sure, the lawyer in which you’re interested may be a fancy dresser or have a beautiful office -- but does he or she know the law?

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