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Baltimore County Family Lawyer Discusses Seasonal Divorce Rates

Written by Amar Weisman » January 31, 2017 »

Everyone who works in the County Courts Building can confirm that men and women file for divorce year-round. Unless it happens to be a state holiday, there is invariably someone on the second filing a Complaint for Divorce. On the other hand, I know from experience that there are seasonal patterns and cycles. For example, every December I see the number of divorces go down and the number of reconciliations go up.

My professional observations have now been confirmed through a University of Washington study evaluating divorce filings (In that state) over a fourteen year period (2001-2015). Divorce rates are highest in April and September. 

The researcher, Professor Julie Brines, identified an “optimism cycle,” whereby people embrace "hope" and basically pretend their problems do not exist. Others consider it unwise to disclose the divorce to the entire family while marinating the Thanksgiving turkey or carving the Christmas ham. Many people prefer to make the inevitable divorce part of the  "new beginning" that begins on January 1 or the "fresh start" associated with springtime.

No Matter the Month, Divorce is Never Easy

That said, there is never going to be an easy time to get a divorce. So while waiting to protect others’ feelings may be a valid concern, especially if the couple has school-aged children who may struggle with the new way of life, there will never be one time of the year that is perfect for everyone.

Studies of this kind are interesting to gain a wider perspective on what may be influencing couples, but they do not take the place of your own sound judgment. So, if you believe that you have done all that you can to keep your marriage intact, do not hesitate to contact us.

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