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Circuit Court For Harford County in Bel Air, Maryland

The Circuit Court of Harford County is an equity court with jurisdiction over Divorce and Child Custody and Child Support disputes for residents of Harford County. The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman is a Family Law Firm that handles Divorce and Child Custody matters in Harford County including Alimony, Marital Property, and Child Custody ModificationThe Bel Air Courthouse  is located at 20 West Courtland Street, Bel Air, Maryland Bel Air, Maryland 21014 (although certain cases in front of the Family Law Magistrates may heard in the Courthouse Annex).

Structure of the Circuit Court For Harford County 

The elements comprising and peopling The Circuit Court For Harford County include the following:    

  • Office of the Clerk
  • Civil Office, which concerns Family Law matters, which are civil, not criminal. 
  • Court Scheduling
    • Civil Assignment, which manages postponements.
    • Criminal Assignment
  • Courtroom Clerk office, for the clerks who serve the courtrooms. 
  • Custody Evaluators. 
    • Custody Evaluations are often ordered in Harford County for High-Conflict Child Custody Disputes.
    • Help Court to obtain objective evidence about child's situation. 
    • Harford County has very experienced custody evaluators
  • Paternity/Child Support Office 
    • Linked to the Child Support Enforcement Administration. 
  • Settlement Court 
    • In Harford County, Settlement Conferences are managed by The Honorable William E. Carr. 
  • Family Law Magistrates 
    • Theodore M. Hart 
    • Frederick Hatem 
    • J. Richard Moore III 
  • Judges of the Circuit Court for Harford County  
    • Honorable Angela Eaves, Administrative Judge 
    • Honorable M. Elizabeth Bowen 
    • Honorable Yolanda Curtin
    • Honorable Kevin Mahoney 
    • Honorable Paul Ishak 
  • Office of the State's Attorney 
    • Prosecutes domestic violence matters including second degree assault and violations of peace/protective orders. 

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Communities Served By The Circuit Court For Harford County 

The Circuit Court For Harford County serves the following communities: