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Experienced Family Lawyer Who Acquires Evidence Properly

Without Evidence You Can Have Admitted At Trial, You Have Nothing

As a Maryland Family Lawyer, Amar Weisman gathers evidence during discovery and presents evidence at trial that focuses on quality of quantity. High quality evidence is reliable and sheds light on an issue that contested (or presented to the fact finder to make a decision).

The time to identify important evidence is at the beginning of the case long before trial. By identifying categories of evdience that are relevant to what the judge will probably have to decide, we can send out discovery to force not only the opposing party but also third-parties to produce verifiable records that meet the stringent requirements set forth in the Maryland Rules of Evidence.

If you have an evidence/discovery strategy, you will not be looking for "the best" exhibits in the weeks before your case goes to trial. If the goal is to settle, then the failure to plan, gather and share evidence properly can make settlement almost impossible.

that is because the purpose of discovery is to exchange enough information so both sides can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their case. Pro Se Parties reprsenting themselvs almost always focus on evidence that proves their point without any real consdieration of what strengthens the other side's case and responding with rebuttal evidence.

The Maryland Family Law Rules Provide Methods and Timelines for Acquiring Information

The family law discovery process includes, but is not limited to, the following discovery requests: Maryland Family Law Interrogatories, which are written questions sent to the opposing party to be answered within a 30-day timeframe; Requests for the Production of Documents, which are requests for specific documents from the opposing party to be answered within 30 days; Requests for Inspection of Property; Subpoenas, which require individuals to appear at a trial or deposition; Notices of Deposition, which inform parties of upcoming depositions; Notices of Depositions Duces Tecum, which compel third parties to provide information; and Requests for Admission of Fact.

Categories of Exhibits Helpful for Litigating Maryland Divorces

Amar S. Weisman is a top Baltimore County Divorce Lawyer who will leave no stone unturned to obtain the evidence you need to prove your case in Marylande Courts, including:

  • Appraisals estimate the value of real estate and personal property.
  • Bank Records, including Checking accounts, savings accounts, and safe deposit boxes.
  • Credit Card Statements establsihing debt or the basis for spousal support.
  • Criminal records, Including 911 tapes, police reports, and statements of charges.
  • Department of Social Services Investigations.
  • E-Mail and Text Messages, including communications between the parties, family members, and paramours.
  • Employment Information including pay stubs, benefits, bonuses, and work schedules.
  • Facebook Posts/Archive.
  • Health Insurance Records are subject to privilege, including explanations of benefits, monthly statements, and reimbursements.
  • School Records,ncluding enrollment/removal, emergency contact information, report cards, and IEP documentation are critical for resolving child custody.
  • Tax Records, including federal, state, and county annual tax returns. Federal Tax Returns and tax liens.
  • Child Support evidence including Work-Realted Childcare, Out-of-Pocket Medical Information and details regarding the cost to insure Minor Children through employer plans.
  • Personal Property Records, including riders for valuables.
  • Witness Lists for fact and expert witnesses.

Who Do We Need to Subpoena for your Baltimore County Divorce Case?

The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman, LLC has issued subpoenas and Notices to Take Depositions Duces Tecum to the following entities located in Baltimore CountyBaltimore CityCarroll CountyHarford CountyHoward County, and throughout the State of Maryland,

Please Note: All Discovery must be conducted in compliance with the Maryland Rules, which limit Discovery to the pursuit of relevant evidence. 

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family law lawyers subpoena banks like M&T to obtain important records about marital property