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Expertly Prepared Child Custody Papers To File With The Circuit Court for Baltimore County

The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman uses court filings to request appropriate relief, streamline the case, and enable the court to understand what is unique about your child custody matter. When court papers are precise, carefully edited, and filed in compliance with the Maryland Rules, the case will move more efficiently through the Circuit Court for Baltimore County. This law firm also understands that streamlined and simplified court papers work better than the voluminous ramblings filed by other attorneys in Maryland. The papers we file in certain child custody matters includes the following: 

  • The Complaint for Custody should establish jurisdiction, explain the nature of the relationship between the parties, simply describe the prevailing living arrangement, fully describe what the Plaintiff wants, and carefully request all appropriate relief under Maryland law, including possibly requests for legal custody, physical custody and child support.
  • The Answer to the Complaint is mandatory. The Answer responds to each allegation and raises all relevant affirmative defenses and negative defenses, like collusion and condonation. If the defendant fails to file  a proper response, s/he may lose the ability to make certain arguments to the court.If the Defendant resides in Maryland, s/he has thirty (30) days to file an answer. If an answer is not timely filed, the Plaintiff may seek an Order of Default. 
  • Financial Statements. Depending on what you are asking the court to do, you wil have to file either a short-form or long-form financial statement. We help clients complete precise, accurate, and readable financial statements that fully describe the financial circumstances of the client, specify what portion of the household expenses can be attributed to the children, and disclose debts and liabilities. Amar S. Weisman is also skilled an cross-examining the opposing party's financial statements to expose the truth about family finances. 
  • Discovery materials including interrogatories, requests for the production of documents, and subpoenas seeking information from third-parties, for example: 
    • Financial information directly banks, credit card companies, and financial advisors. 
    • The minor child's school and/or the local board of education. 
    • Mental health records from providers treating the minor child, which may trigger the necessity of a Nagle v. Hooks attorney to waive the privilege. 
    • Law enforcement records from the Baltimore County Police Department, to the extent they reveal the family dynamic. 
    • Child care providers, whose information may be necessary to determine the real household routine and assure a proper calculation of Child Support
  • Motion For Emergency Hearing and/or Ex Parte Relief in compliance with the Baltimore County Family Law Differentiated Case Management Plan

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The Appointment of Counsel for the Minor Children in the State of Maryland 

Depending on the circumstances, The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman may file a Motion to Appoint An Attorney For The Minor Child/Children with The Circuit Court for Baltimore County during the course of your child custody matter. Before filing such a request with the clerk, we must decide what kind of attorney needs to be appointed in this particular case:

  • Nagle v. Hooks Attorney, who has one purpose: To determine whether the minor child's patient-therapist privilege (Pursuant to MD Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings § 9-109) should be waived, so that they counselor's records may come into evidence? The law says that "when a minor is too young to personally waive the psychiatrist-patient privilege, the court must appoint a guardian to act, guided by what is in the best interests of the child, and the parents, jointly or severally, may neither agree nor refuse to waive the privilege on the child's behalf." 
  • Best Interest Attorney ("BIA"), who serves as a general advocate for the best interests of the minor child pursuant to MD Code, Family Law §1-202. Fees for the BIA are usually divided between the parents based on their relative financial needs and financial status. This attorney's duty is to make a recommendation as to what physical custody and legal custody arrangements are in the best interests of the minor child. An attorney may not represent the children and either parent at the same time. 

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