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What is Joint Physical Custody

The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman represents clients in matters where either the client, the opposing party or both partie4s are  seeking shared physical custody in The Circuit Court for Baltimore County. By definition, shared physical custody exists if and ony if both parents have more than 128 overnights with each parent. 

Advantages of Shared Physical Custody:  

  • Children have more meaningful contact with both parents.
  • Children can sometimes gain access the better school district.    
  • Many children want to spend more time with their fathers. 
  • Shared physical custody can prevent parental alienation. 
  • Provides more opportunities to spend time with other children in the family. 

Disadvantages of Shared Physical Custody in Baltimore County: 

  • Constant back and forth can be stressful. 
  • Shared physical custody can destabilize certain children who do not take well to living in two homes. 
  • joint child caring issues can contribute to parental conflict. 

Are You the Custodial Parent? 

  • Does the child presently reside with you? If not, what facts still suggest that you have been the primary caretaker historically?
  • Do you help maintain routines for bedtimes and wake-up times before school?
  • Do you purchase groceries and prepare most meals?
  • Do you regularly provide moral, ethical, or religious guidance to the minor child at critical childhood moments?
  • Do you mostly provide transportation for the child to and from recreational and athletic events?
  • Do you primarily take the child to the doctor or the dentist?
  • Do you facilitate visitation with the minor child's other parent, grandparents and family friends?

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