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The Rise and Fall of Seasonal Divorce Rates
Everyone who works in the County Courts Building can confirm that men and women file for divorce year-round. Unless it happens to be a state holiday, there is... Continue Reading »

Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges Due to an Argument Over a Grilled Cheese Sandwich
It is probably safe to say that we all have someone in our life who is very territorial about their food. This is the kind of person who never wants to let you have a... Continue Reading »

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Trusted Baltimore County Family Law Attorney

You Need A Lawyer That Knows Baltimore County Family Law.   

The Law Offices Of Amar Weisman focuses on divorce, alimony, marital propertychild custody, visitation and child support.  We are local, down to earth, and trusted. Location is important; You can find us next to The Circuit Court for Baltimore County and The Baltimore County Bar Association.

Our mission is to develop a winning strategy by communicating, understanding and collaborating with clients. We are affordable enough, aggressive enough, and sensible enough.  It's about time for a lawyer you can believe in, and will believe in you.  

You Need A Lawyer Who Will Build Your Case And  Fight For You At Every Hearing 

  • Amar Weisman is an experienced family law lawyer with deep local roots.  
  • Born & raised within walking distance from the court where he practices law.  
  • Educated at Boys LatinGeorgetown  and UB Law.
  • He is strategic, efficient, and knows negotiation, settlement, timing & ethics. 
  • He identifies your best arguments & then hunts for the evidence you need. 
  • He files court papers that tell your story, defend your integrity and demand whatever relief is appropriate and available under the Maryland law. 
  • He likes his being a lawyer, likes his clients, and respects their money. 

You Need A Lawyer That Respects You & Respects Your Money.   

  • Your initial consultation is free so you can decide if this law firm is a good fit.
  • You must pay a retainer to obtain representation. 
  • Retainers vary based on case complexity and begin at $2,250.00.
  • Attorney time for Amar S. Weisman is billed at $200.00 per hour. 
  • You will not be billed for overhead like printer paper, postage, faxes, gasoline, and such. We do not "Nickel and Dime" our clients. 
  • Amar Weisman knows what being a client is like-- in 2013, he had his own divorce; walking in the client's shoes changed everything.