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You Need A Divorce Lawyer To Craft Papers That Communicate Your Positions And Needs.  

If you retain Amar Weisman to be your Towson Divorce Lawyer, your pleadings and motions filed with the clerk of the court will be timely and crafted with excellence, precision, and advance your case based on the over-arching strategy. The following family law court papers are commonly filed in matrimonial litigation:  

  • Pleadings 
    • Complaint For Absolute Divorce establishing jurisdiction, grounds for divorce, and, if appropriate, requesting custody, visitation, child support, use and possession of the marital home, court-ordered sale of the marital home, court-ordered sale of personal property located inside the marital home, temporary/rehabilitative/indefinite alimony, attorney's fees and suit costs. 
    • Answer To Complaint/Counter-Compliant raising affirmative defenses and refuting all lies and distortions. For Maryland residents, the Answer must be filed within thirty days following service of process.
    • At the time of filing an Answer, it may also be appropriate to file a Counterclaim For Absolute Divorce to set the case up as if you are the Plaintiff. 
    • Motion To Strike Complaint 
    • Motion for Leave to Amend Pleadings. 
    • Motion For An Emergency Hearing. 
  • Service of Process & Jurisdiction 
    • Motion For Alternative Service
    • Motion to Dismiss For Lack of Jurisdiction
  • Financial Matters 
    • Financial Statements
      • Long Form Financial Statement that is accurate, supported with exhibits and is consistent with your position on matters of Child Support and/or Alimony. 
      • Short-Form Financial Statement.
    • Motion To Freeze Assets (to prevent the dissipation of assets)
  • Custody-Related Filings 
    • Motion to appoint best interest attorney
    • Motion to appoint Nagle v. Hooks attorney
  • Discovery Requests
    • Discovery Requests
      • Interrogatories commanding your spouse to answer difficult questions about his/her living situation,finances, spending, real estate, pensions,  other assets, extramarital sex life, parenting plans, and witnesses. 
      • Request for Production Of Documents 
      • Subpoenas and Depositions Duces Tecum to banks, retirement fund administrators, the department of social services, schools, employers, key witnesses, telephone companies, private detectives,neighbors, government agencies and the opposing party including subpoenas to appear at a deposition.
      • Request for Inspection of Real Property 
    • Discovery Responses
      • Answers to Interrogatories 
      • Response to Request for Production of Documents 
      • Motion
    • Discovery Compliance  
      • Motions To Compel Discovery
      • Motions For Sanctions
      • Motion to compel appraisal
      • Motion to Shorten Time 
  • Pre-Trial Filings
    • 9-207 Joint Statement Concerning Marital and Non-Marital Property. Submitted prior to trial & categorizes property three ways: 
      • Property the parties agree is marital;
      • Property the parties agree is non-marital
      • Property the parties dispute whether it is marital or non-marital.
    • Trial Memorandum 
    • Motion in limine, to determine evidentiary issues before the trial.
    • Stipulations concerning exhibits to clarify what exhibits both sides agree are admissible under the Maryland rules of evidence.
    • Motions to postpone hearing/trial/scheduling conference/settlement conference
  • Post-Trial Filings
    • Exceptions to Master’s Recommendation
    • Motion For New Trial 
    • Motion For Reconsideration 
    • Motion to Enforce Judgment 
    • Stipulations of Dismissal 
    • Earnings withholding Orders 

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