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The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman helps clients obtain child custody modifications in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County. After establishing that Baltimore County has jurisdiction over the children pursuant to  Maryland Code, Family Law §9.5-203, we help clients tackle the two-step process necessary to obtain the custody modification, which requires that: 

  • Establishing there has been a material change in circumstances affecting the welfare of the minor child. 
  • Helping the judge or magistrate create a better custody arrangement that really serves the best interests of the minor child.Sometimes that means recruiting a Best Interest Attorney to represent the minor child/children in accordance with Maryland Code, Family Law §1-202

This law firm also has experience opposing child custody modifications on the grounds that:

  • There has been no material change in circumstances, or, if there has been a material change in circumstances, it still does not affect the material well-being of the child/children.
  • The modifications  being proposed would uproot the children, disrupt the children, or undermine the stability that children need. .
  • The parent seeking modification is seeking to help himself or herself, not the children.  

Establishing Material Changes In Baltimore County. 

The existing physical custody schedule has resulted in academic and/or disciplinary problems at school as evidenced through report cards, academic reports, and the recommendations of teachers and the school counselor. 

  • There has been a change in either (or both) parent's work schedules that results in the minor child being unsupervised for extended periods of time or supervised by somebody who is not the biological parent.
  • The other parent is providing an unsafe home environment which has or could result in the minor child being the victim of physical abuse/domestic violence. In this situation, a key question is whether the other parent has actually been found to have engaged in physical abuse (Consider: the different between a parent being reported to the Department of Social Services ("DSS") and a parent actually having been found to have committed the alleged abuse.
  • The minor child has an alcohol or substance abuse problem which is not being properly addressed under the current physical custody arrangements. This type of problem can be potentially caused by a lack of supervision and rules in the other parent's household. 
  • Interference With Visitation Rights with substantial evidence of both the visitation interference, its impact on the child and proof that the best interest of the child will be served with a transfer of custody. This includes situations where the custodial parent's hostile attitude toward a noncustodial parent may prevent a child from developing and maintaining relationships wit the other parent. 

The Strategic Presentation of Evidence In The Circuit Court for Baltimore County

For modification cases, the Court Papers should tell the court why modification is necessary in a simple, direct, and elegant manner. In contested child custody modification matters, we work diligently to obtain evidence using discovery including report cards, text messages, e-mail, photographs, and mental health records. With respect to legal custody, the breakdown of communications between two parents sharing legal custody may necessitate a modification to sole custody. All questions of custody begin and end with the best interests of the minor child. 

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