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Towson Divorce Lawyer | Grounds For Divorce | Maryland Residency Requirement.

As a Towson family law attorney, I can tell you that your divorce in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County will probably be dismissed unless you meet Maryland's residency requirements. However, before proceeding, let me dispel one common myth: you do NOT have to be divorced in the state where you were married.

Maryland's Residency Requirements

When it comes to residency, this is the bottom line:

  • If the grounds for divorce took place in a state other than Maryland, there is a one-year residency requirement. So, for example, suppose the grounds for divorce are adultery, and the adultery took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. In that case, you must reside in Maryland for one year before filing for an absolute divorce in Maryland on the grounds of adultery.
  • If the grounds for divorce took place in Maryland, you could sue for divorce in any Maryland County where one of the spouses resides.
  • There is a two-year residency requirement if the grounds for divorce are insanity. However, it is rare for any divorce to be granted in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County based on insanity.

Proving That You Are a Resident of Maryland

The adequately drafted divorce pleading will clearly state the residence of the filing party, the responding party, or both. Courts consider multiple factors to determine residency, including:

  • Where the person votes, if you have a history of voting in Baltimore County, it suggests you are a Baltimore County resident.
  • Where the person lives, if you have lived in Towson all your life, you are probably a Maryland resident.
  • Where the person pays taxes, if you pay personal income taxes in Maryland and Delaware, for example, then it might be debatable.
  • Where the person obtained their driver's license.
  • Where the person receives mail.

If proof of residency becomes an issue, it may be necessary for your divorce lawyer to call witnesses to testify concerning your intention to stay in Maryland.

Moving After Filing for Divorce In Baltimore County

When the divorce is filed, the residency requirement is either met or not. You can move to a different county or state, usually not undermining the residency requirement. However, before going anywhere, the litigant should stop and consider the necessity of fully participating in the Maryland divorce process, including the Scheduling Conference, the Settlement Conference, the Trial on the Merits, and the discovery process, including on-site depositions.

Members of the Armed Services

Concerning individuals in the military, if they were Maryland residents before entering the Service, they will be allowed to file for divorce in Maryland, even if they have not lived in the state since joining the military.

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