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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discuses Divorce and Online Dating

Written by Amar Weisman » December 30, 2015 »

Many married couples who decide to divorce have long reached the point of no return and simply want to get the divorce over and done with so they can move on with their lives. However, a Towson divorce lawyer who has been keeping an eye on the way in which people communicate and meet others is well aware of the role online dating sites can play in divorce proceedings.

There has been much discussion about the use of social media and the Internet in court cases, particularly family law cases in which so much is at stake for families in Maryland and elsewhere throughout the country. Still, more and more individuals are looking to “find love” in other ways – namely through the use of online dating sites. But should you really be on an online dating site prior to the finalization of your divorce?

If You’re Still Legally Married, Think Twice Before Signing Up

Some experts say that many people who utilize online dating services will not hesitate to embellish or outright lie about a number of things, including their marital status. Some may choose to completely change the details of their real lives, while others may simply choose to leave out a few pertinent pieces of information. Whatever they choose to do, they often believe that their efforts will result in them getting more responses from potential dates and matches.

However, those individuals who are still married in the eyes of the law need to be aware of a number of things related to those websites that can affect their divorce cases. First and foremost, individuals who are divorcing and dating at the same time may face the possibility that their dates will be called into court to testify as part of the divorce proceedings.

Why? Because as mentioned above, some people choose to leave out the fact that they’re married in their online profiles. In fact, he or she may decide to show their status as “single” on dating websites. Then, if the individual finds a match and goes out with someone without telling that person that he or she is still married, the unsuspecting date could find him or herself in the midst of a heated divorce court battle based on the infidelity of the person who signed up.

Some people do not see the problem this poses, particularly since both parties of the divorce know that the relationship is over and it’s seemingly just a matter of “formalities” at this point. However, divorce cases are often filled with allegations of cheating and/or lying, and if the accused spouse is choosing to act in such a manner, that information can be used to demonstrate why the divorce needs to be finalized and/or why custody of the children should not be granted to the accused spouse due to his or her lack of commitment to the family.

The problems arising from divorcing people using online dating sites can be very serious. That said, it is important for individuals who are in the midst of a divorce to work with a skilled divorce lawyer who will ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to obtain the best outcome possible for the parties involved. If you would like to learn more about divorce, contact the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC as soon as possible.

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