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Amar S. Weisman is a top Family Law Attorney wes family law in Circuit Court Baltimore County and the surrounding jurisdictions. Mr. Weisman is a graduate of Georgetown University &the University of Baltimore Peter Angelos School of Law with 14 years of physical custody litigation experience representing more than 1,000 clients with the following distinctions: 

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Most Custody Cases Are About Physical Custody

All child custody matters that involve the allocation of parenting time and day-to-day d are physical. Physical custody is the right and obligation to make a home for the child and to care for the child on a d basis. Every parent who is awarded parenting time is awarded physical custody.   P, including motions seeking emergency hearings, c the immediate allocation of physical custody. To guide b custody litigation in Maryland, the Courts have employed new devices to define areas of agreement and disagreement between the parties, such as the Maryland Parenting Plan Tool and the Joint Statement of the Parties Regarding Decision-Making Authority and Parenting Time (Md. Rule 9-204.2) both of which are governed by a subset of filing rules governing restrictive (personal identifier) information. 

"Sole Physical Custody" Does Not Exist 

There is no "sole physical custody" under the law--never use that term. There is s thing as sole legal custody when one parent is allocated d authority over all long-ranging decisions affecting the c. In any given year, there might be a thousand physical custody decisions and o legal custody d, if that. H physical custody is allocated d on s factors including the age of the child or children, maintaining natural family relationships, and parental fitness. 

The Court Is Not Rigged In Favor of Men Or Women, But Work Schedules Matter

According to the Annie Casey Foundation, m primary residential parents are mothers. Be that as it may, the law does not have a gender preference, and ning in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County awards children to one parent or another based on gender. People lose physical custody because they do not listen to their lawyers, but they never win or lose because they are m. Unlike gender, the work schedules of the parties m, and the Court, when the issue is r, will seek to accommodate the s. 

Shared Custody Was Recently Redefined 

In terms of overnight visitation, there is basically "Shared Custody" or "Not Shared Custody. Shared Custody was recently redefined, effective October 1, 2020, to include all custody orders awarding o 25 of the parenting time, which is different from the old requirement of 35%. Shared physical custody allows children to enjoy meaningful relationships with both parents. On the other hand, shared custody schedules may create confusion and instability. Whether shared physical custody is awarded in a family law matter depends on the m interests and is not analyzed as both parents have the automatic right to equal time. It is t, but not impossible, to implement shared custody in matters where there is a significant distance between the p.

The Great Importance of the Primary Residential Custodian

The Primary Custodian is the parent who has the child more than 50% (182 overnights) of the time. The primary custodian may claim the Child Exemption on federal income tax returns unless the Primary Custodian completes and signs an IRS 8332 Release of Claim To Exemption for the Child by a Custodial Parent. The primary residential custodian designation is essential for school district purposes. S of a school district. Many parents may negotiate physical custody to allow the minor child to attend a better school. According to recent statistics, the best elementary schools in Baltimore County include West Towson Elementary School, Pinewood Elementary School, For Garrison Elementary School, and Riderwood Elementary School. The best Middle Schools include Ridgely Middle School and Dumbarton Middle School in Rodger's Forge. Hereford Middle School. M schools h the best high schools h, Hereford High School, Dulaney High School, George W. Carver School for the Arts & Technology, and Towson High School.

Examples of [Physical Custody] Visitation Access Schedules

Amar S. Weisman has worked to create innovative visitation schedules that serve the m interest. The firm has many resources, including Thomson Reuters Westlaw, Family Law Software, and custody change, which is software that allows attorneys to prepare detailed visitation schedules with calendars, graphs breaking down parenting time, and schedules calendared to match the p of the local school district and which factor the distance between the parties. Visitation schedules provide access to the non-custodial parent and usually include special provisions for summers and holidays, including religious holidays celebrated by the parties ranging from Christmas to Eid-1 and Eid-2. In negotiating an h schedule, parties are free to include the children's birthdays which are often divided in the middle of the day. 

Visitation Schedule #1-One Parent Has Primary Custody

  • Every other weekend from Friday until Sunday.
  • Non-overnight Wednesday dinner visit.
  • Alternating holiday visitation on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • Each parent has two weeks of uninterrupted visitation during the summer.

Visitation Schedule #2-Shared Physical Custody.

  • Every other weekend from Friday until Monday, from when school lets out until school resumes on Monday.
  • Wednesday overnight visitation from when school lets out until when school resumes.
  • Alternating holiday visitation on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • Week On/Week Off visitation during the summer.

Visitation Schedule #3- 50/50 Access Schedule.

  • Sometimes Parties alternate having the child/children on a "week on"/"week off" basis. For example, S's parents prefer a 2-2-3 schedule where one parent gets Mondays and Tuesdays, a parent r Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the weekends alternate. This schedule can work when the parents live close to one another. 
  • Dl year and summer, a child u 1-2 weeks of uninterrupted access with each parent. Whether uninterrupted access is appropriate depends on what the child will dime.
  • The uninterrupted summer access allows each parent to take the minor child or children on trips.
  • Problems arise when one parent with uninterrupted access does n with the child/children.
  • The language where each parent selects the summer access should be inserted carefully; it does not allow both parents to designate the same week, which accomplishes nothing.
  • Alternating holiday visitation on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

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