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Temporary Alimony/Alimony Pendente Lite 

Amar S. Weisman has been recognized by Expertise.Com as one of the top 21 Divorce lawyers in Baltimore and has experience prosecuting and defending petitions for temporary alimony. Mr. Weisman understands that quick maintenance law differs from other alimony forms and is controlled by statute, case law, and the Baltimore County Differentiated Case Management Plan. Even though the law governing temporary maintenance is very particular, all quick alimony claims require real-life witness preparation and pleadings that frame the case properly before the attorneys and clients appear at the courthouse. Mr. Weisman also understands that how a client seeks, opposes, or settles a temporary alimony issue can profoundly change the overall trajectory of the underlying divorce case. Mr. Weisman has experience representing spouses who need alimony pendente lite to survive and clients who need an advocate to prevent the Court from issuing a temporary alimony order that would crush him financially. Google and Avvo recognize Mr. Weisman for his mastery of the law, which comes across in how he advocates for his clients in Maryland temporary alimony cases. 

How Temporary Alimony Is Treated Differently 

The law governing rehabilitative alimony and indefinite alimony are multi-dimensional to the extreme. In most alimony claims, the Court will consider more than one dozen factors ranging from the age and health of the parties, the circumstances of estrangement, household economics, past earning history, future earning potential, the duration of the marriage, and much more. However, this multi-dimensional analysis does not dominate temporary alimony. 

Temporary Alimony Looks Focuses On Stability and the Status Quo

Even though your divorce may end in financial stability, the divorce process creates financial stress. You must pay for lawyers and counselors and move simultaneously as you lose access to your spouse’s income, bank accounts, and credit. If you depend on your spouse for money, then Alimony Pendente Lite ("APL") was made for you.

  • Alimony Pendente Lite It is a temporary alimony awarded to dependent spouses to maintain the “status quo” during the divorce process. It can prevent the primary wage earner from “starving” a dependent spouse into a lousy settlement.
  • The process for receiving Alimony Pendente Lite can take months. Still, when ultimately awarded, Alimony Pendente Lite can include back payments from when the Alimony Pendente Lite was first requested to the present day.
  • Unlike other kinds of alimony, like indefinite alimony and rehabilitative alimony, Alimony Pendente Lite is not based on the strength of your overall case. Saints and sinners alike can get Alimony Pendente Lite under the right circumstances.

Alimony Pendente Lite: All About Facts and Figures.

When analyzing how much Alimony Pendente Lite to award, judges consider the following:

  • The Long-Form Financial Statement.
  • Earning Patterns before separation.
  • Spending patterns before separation.
  • Whether the spouse earning APL can maintain the "status quo" standard of living during the divorce process.
  • Whether the primary wage earner affords to pay Alimony Pendente Lite.

An Order to pay Alimony Pendente Lite is enforceable. Spouses ordered to pay Alimony Pendente Lite but fail to do so risk being found in contempt of Court and sometimes even face incarceration.

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