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Amar S. Weisman has practiced family law for more than 17 years, including more than 1,750 Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support cases in the Circuit Court for Baltimore County and surrounding jurisdictions, resulting in the following recognitions: 

Good Court Papers Require Proper Client Intake 

Amar S. Weisman prepares Complaints and Counter-Complaints for Custody tailored to the facts of the case. Before drafting the Court papers, each client of the Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman undergoes a thorough client intake process designed to identify the client's goals, confirm they are realistic, and request relief that the Court can grant with precision. Rule 2-303 requires pleadings to include necessary facts but not extra facts--do not say too much, do not say too little. In Order to prepare Court papers, the client intake process, which is based partially on paperwork and partially on an in-person or Zoom interview, requires that Amar S. Weisman have the following information:

  • Name, Residency/Address, Birth Date, Contact Information & Marital, Work, Criminal, Financial, and Community History for Client, Opposing Party, and Members of both Households. 
  • History of all Relationships, Communications, Disputes, Domestic Violence, Judicial Proceedings, and Voluntary Agreements Between the Parties, along with all other judicial proceedings in any other jurisdiction. 
  • The Children's School, Extracurricular, Social, Religious and Community Schedules Painting a Picture of Their Everyday Lives. 
  • Academic and attendance History for School and Day Care, along with an Explanation of all related Financial Obligations and History of Payments for Both Respective Parents, including Private School Tuition
  • History of any Substance Abuse on the Part of the Parties, Household Members, and/or The Minor Children, if any. 
  • All Arrangements, Payments, and Order Regarding Child Support and Parenting Time, including Work-Related Child Care and Extraordinary Medical expenses
  • Medically Relevant Information Regarding the Parents and the Children, including learning disabilities, AD/HD, Suicide, Depression, Special Needs, and Needs Students May Have as Academic, Athletic, and Extracurricular Over-achievers. 
  • Identification of the Client's Goals and Anticipation of the Opposing Party's Goals regarding Physical Custody, Legal Custody, Holiday Access, and Child Support
  • Determination of Whether the Complexity of the Litigation will Require Expert Witnesses, Court-Ordered Social Services, and/or the Completion of Psychological Testing, Custody Evaluation of Specific Issue Investigation. 
  • Discussion Regarding the Economics of the Litigation.

Family Law Court Papers Relevant to Custody 

The decision of which papers to file and prepare depends on the facts of your case and the litigation history. His breadth of experience includes preparing the following documents depending on the facts of the child custody matter before the Court: 

  • Crafting Complaints and Counter-Complaints for Custody, Visitation, and Child Support that set forth the facts of the case and request whatever forms of relief are appropriate and realistic given the facts of the case. 

  • Filing Petitions to Modify Child Custody based on a Material Change in Circumstances that affect the material welfare of the Minor Child or the Minor Children. 

  • Initiating Motions to Adjust Child Support based on changes in income and changes in guidelines-eligible expenditures, including significant increases in the cost of work-related childcare, medical insurance, and extracurricular expenditures. 

  • Drafting Timely Answers that Counter False Accusations and frame the issues in the best positive light for the Client, along with supporting Affidavits and Affirmations. 

  • Preparing Long-Form and Short Form Financial Statements based on actual incomes and inclusive of guidelines eligible expenditures pursuant to the Child Support Statute. 

  • Running Calculate child support guidelines using Family Law Software, the best professional software, to ensure that there is no over/under-estimation of child support, along with any cumulative arrearages worksheets. 

  • Requesting Attorneys to represent the Minor Child or Minor Children, fit for the scope of the case. These range from Motions to Appoint Nagle v. Hooks Privilege Attorneys to resolve a privilege issue to more broadly charged Best Interest Attorneys. 

  • Developing practical parenting plans and fact-inclusive Joint Statements Regarding Decision-Making Authority and Parenting Time, which are now mandatory and due before the settlement conference. 

  • Compiling Trial Memorandums that outline the Issues, Exhibits, and Witnesses to focus the Court on the case we are presenting.  

  • Generating Consent Orders and Proposed Orders that are accurate, realistic, and fit the Court Record and/or the agreement between the parties. 

  • Issuing Discovery Notices including Certificates Regarding Discovery pursuant to the Maryland Rules, which ensure the Court understands the Client is in compliance with providing discovery requests as well as notifying the Court of discovery requests propounded on behalf of the Client. 

  • Submitting Emergency Petitions for Immediate Concerns, when doing so is realistic and warranted, and exercising good judgment not to submit losing emergency motions. 

  • Providing Mediation Statements for Private Sessions

  • Proposing Motions To Alter/Amend to lay the groundwork for future judicial review, followed by Exceptions to Recommendations of the Magistrate, In Banc Review, and Appeals, because sometimes the trial Court makes a decision that may be incorrect, unfair, or perhaps based on faulty or prohibited evidence.

  • Filing Motions and Petitions for Enforcement and Contempt to ensure that the opposing party does not get away with violating the Court Order governing custody and visitation for the Minor Child/Children. 

Child Custody Litigation and Discovery 

Discovery materials are requested by each party to obtain the information necessary to present evidence in negotiation and trial. The tools of discovery allow Baltimore County Family Law Attorneys to request information from not only the opposition party but also third-party deponents. There are no shortcuts to the hard work that is necessary to obtain the information you need to litigate all of the custody factors the law requires attorneys to present as evidence to craft a compelling custody claim for the Client. 

  • Interrogatories
  • Requests for the Production of Documents 
  • Requests for Admissions of Fact 
  • Notices of Deposition
  • Subpoenas, including Trial Subpoenas
  • Notices of Depositions Duces Tecum seeking information from:
    • Schools and Day Care Providers
    • Banks and Financial Institutions
    • Medical Providers 

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