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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Dealing With A Divorce Bully

Written by Amar Weisman » January 20, 2016 »

Normally, when we think of bullies, we tend to think of a young child being harassed or picked on by another child at school or on an area playground. However, bullying can occur among adults as well in a number of contexts. A recent article in the Huffington Post shed some light on the issue as it pertains to divorce. Without a doubt, divorce can bring out the worst in an individual, but some may react to the situation in ways that are far from the norm.

Just about any Towson divorce lawyer will tell you that when it comes to marriage, bullying can appear in a variety of forms. The more common forms of bullying that typically fall under the domestic violence umbrella involve physical or verbal abuse; however, there are other forms of bullying, including the idea of divorce bullying. But what is a divorce bully?

Understanding Divorce Bullying

A divorce bully is a person who has not demonstrated bullying behavior towards his or her spouse in the past, but he or she begins to do so during the divorce process. The bullying can appear in various circumstance. For instance, a spouse may begin to threaten the other spouse when a discussion is brought up about child custody and visitation issues -- or even property division. Such topics are often high-emotion topics anyway, so it should not be surprising that some individuals will see threats as their only option to getting what they want.

Soon-to-be ex-spouses should be aware of what bullying looks like because it is not always displayed in a blatant manner. Bullying that is related to the divorce process might include a spouse attempting to keep the other spouse away from family and friends, lying about previous events in a way that makes the other spouse look bad, or hiring an attorney as a means of intimidating the other spouse. So, what can you do if you believe your spouse has become a divorce bully?

Steps You Can Take When Dealing With a Bully

First and foremost, it is crucial for you to stay as safe as possible. While it is true that not all bullies are dangerous or abusive, there may be the possibility of that individual becoming violent at any given moment. That said, you should take whatever steps necessary to stay safe – regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man.

Next, you are encouraged to keep a journal or record of the bullying incidents you experience. All too often, it is common for a person to feel as though they are helpless in a bullying situation, particularly when they feel they can’t stand up for themselves. However, bullied individuals do have options. They can fight such acts by maintaining a record of every instance of bullying, making sure to note the date and time of the bullying incident, the way in which the bullying took place (via email, over the phone or in person) and additional details of what happened during the incident.

Finally, bully victims should ensure they take care of their overall health, as bullying can have long-term mental and physical consequences. The physical issues one may experience include headaches, digestive issues, fatigue and muscle tension, while the mental issues may include anxiety and depression, panic attacks and fearfulness, to name a few things.

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