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Baltimore & Towson Family Law Lawyer Discusses Testifying In Court

Written by Amar Weisman » March 18, 2016 »

If you’ve never testified in a courtroom setting or in front of a judge, the experience may be quite intimidating. That said, it is important for you to be prepared ahead of time – and a Towson family lawyer can help ensure that you are ready for your upcoming court appearance. The following tips are provided to help those who are preparing to testify in a family court case. While the tips are intended to help individuals, they should not be used to replace the knowledgeable guidance of a skilled lawyer.

Tip 1: Listen closely to the question asked, make certain you understand the question, and answer only that question.

We’ve all seen it on those crime television shows and court shows. A witness gets called to the stand, he or she gets sworn in and the testimony begins. But it is crucial for all witnesses to listen closely to the question posed. If necessary, you should repeat the question to yourself to ensure you fully understand what’s being asked of you. If you do not understand the question, do not hesitate to ask for it to be stated another way – especially if the question is ambiguous.

It is often tempting to simply assume you understand the question and provide an answer that you believe is an appropriate response, particularly to avoid looking ignorant in front of family members or an ex-spouse. Nevertheless, it is imperative for you to listen, understand and answer the question asked – no more, no less.

It is not uncommon for tempers to flare in family law cases (especially if children are involved), and you will likely want ensure that you get your point across by responding to the question with a long answer that may or may not actually answer what was asked. Doing this might do irreparable harm to your case or, at the very least, it may provide the other party’s lawyer with information he may or may not have known before you volunteered it.

Tip 2: Do not argue with opposing counsel.

When the opposing attorney begins to question you, do not get into a confrontation or argument with him or her. It is natural for you not to like the attorney; however, it is important for you to always remain respectful and act civilly toward the attorney. There are serious risks with getting involved in an argument with the opposing attorney.

First and foremost, you should be aware that your argument will likely do nothing to sway the opposing counsel’s opinions or thoughts with respect to the position they are attempting to get across. For instance, if counsel is attempting to prove you are not fit to have custody of your child due to your temper and you are clearly seen arguing with counsel during your testimony, this could be quite problematic for your case.

Also, the court will certainly take notice of your willingness to get into an argument with the lawyer – which may divert attention from the real issues that need to be resolved.

Tip 3: Always give truthful testimony in Circuit Court.

While this may seem like obvious advice, some people still get on the witness stand and lie. Lying will do nothing to help your case. Keep your testimony straightforward and sincere, and that will go a long way with the judge.

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