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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discuses The Decision To Separate

Written by Amar Weisman » April 15, 2016 »

Baltimore County Family Law Attorney Discusses Breaking Up

Anyone keeping track of the latest celebrity news probably already knows that breakups between celebrity couples is not uncommon. But there are probably just as many non-celebrity breakups taking place all throughout Maryland and the rest of the country on a routine basis. As a matter of fact, your Towson Divorce Lawyer knows that more and more couples are choosing to split from their new husband or wife within the first year of marriage.

But why is it so easy for some newlyweds to simply say goodbye to such a new marital relationship? A Huffington Post article that was released in 2015 noted several reasons for divorce so soon after marriage.

Why Are Many Couples So Quick to Say Bye?

Many couples choose to split up shortly after marriage…but why? Of course, an obvious reason for a divorce would be a spousal affair. This is an age-old reason that quite often leads to a very fast end to a relationship, whether it occurs prior to marriage or after the marriage. Some people question why an individual would choose to marry someone who has clearly demonstrated an inability to be faithful.

Some may say they thought he or she would “change” and they just needed to get it out of their system before the wedding, while others may feel that they were in some way pressured or forced into the marriage. Still, once the spouse has demonstrated infidelity after the “I do’s,” that’s often the last straw for many individuals.

Another common reason for marriages to end within the first year of marriage relates to addiction. A spouse may have already been addicted to drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc. prior to the marriage, or he or she may develop the addiction shortly after marriage. Whenever it occurs, some individuals may find it quite difficult to deal with on an ongoing basis -- particularly after saying “I do.” Some spouses may not realize the extent of the other spouse’s addiction until after the marriage, and when that is the case, many choose to say goodbye.

All too often, divorce lawyers hear from clients that they simply were way too young when they got married and they didn’t realize what marriage was all about. Of course, this is not to say that young couples who decide to get married will never work -- there are plenty of couples who get married in their early 20s that make it through the first year and well beyond. A factor that also plays a role in the decision to split is the couple’s level of maturity. As each person gets older, he or she may realize that they really did not want to be with the other individual after all.

Regardless of why you choose to divorce, it is important for you to seek legal guidance from a knowledgeable divorce lawyer who can properly advise you on the next steps to take to obtain a divorce in Maryland. If you have questions about your legal options and rights, contact the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC.

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