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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Child Support Smartphone App.

Written by Amar Weisman » March 9, 2016 »

Towson Custody Lawyer Discusses New Child Support Smartphone App

Determining the amount of time a parent spends with his or her child after a divorce has been finalized can be a tough task. Child visitation and support issues are troublesome topics for some couples to deal with effectively. But now, struggling co-parents may be able to turn to something as simple as an application on their phone or tablet to get help with easing the tensions surrounding child support issues.

All too often, Towson child support lawyers see former couples who have reached custody and support agreements continue to haggle over finances. Without a doubt, child support is a point of contention for not only Maryland parents, but divorced parents worldwide. Such tension can make it tough for parents to maintain a positive and successful co-parenting relationship. That said, Bloomberg Business reports that an app, SupportPay, can help divorced parents communicate better when it comes to money-related issues and their children.

A Closer Look at the App

The woman who came up with the idea for SupportPay previously worked as an executive for Symantec Corporation. She found herself in a situation where she ultimately divorced her husband and constantly battled with him about money. From her frustration, a new app was born. The purpose of the app is to assist parents with dividing child-rearing costs and help them productively look over expenses – even when they don’t agree on each and every item. Such interaction can take place without a face-to-face battle or confrontation.

For instance, let’s say your child attends a school that fines parents whenever their children aren’t picked up on time. One parent is responsible for paying the child’s tuition; however, the other parent is responsible for picking up the child from school. The parent is late on a few occasions picking up the child. So who is responsible for paying the fines – the parent who pays the tuition or the parent who is responsible for picking up the child? Seems obvious to many, but for some parents, this one issue could lead to an infuriating debate. This is where SupportPay can help.

Essentially, parents who use the app will never need to have another conversation again if they don’t want to. Instead, a parent can simply upload the receipt, send the other parent the bill and that’s that.

Consider another scenario that may be a point of contention between many Bowleys Quarters parents: extracurricular activities. Does Billy’s summer football camp really cost $850 a week? Did he or she really pay $200 for his cleats? These simple things can be the source of major arguments. Of course, when it comes down to it, a judge handling the case will have the final word on support issues and the like. But the app is intended to keep such arguments from occurring so they do not reach the point of getting to court in the first place.

For parents in Maryland who are having a difficult time dealing calmly and effectively with each other, the SupportPay app may prove to be invaluable. If you are having issues with respect to child support or other divorce-related issues, contact the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC right away.

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