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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Communicating With Your Family Law Attorney

Written by Amar Weisman » September 23, 2015 »

Effective attorney-client communications improves the chances of success in your case. The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman is ready to facilitate a variety of organizational and communications strategies desgined to propel your case forward. As a matter of perspective, please keep in mind that this law firm has many cleints and we are dedicated to serving them all in accordance with the demands of each case at a given time. As a client, you owe it to yourself to develop a communications strategy with Amar S. Weisman and his staff that works for you.

Basic Pointers For Effective Attorney-Client Communication

Here are a few key pointers:

  • Remember that attorney-client communications are privileged and confidental. That means you can communicate hoenstly. If there is something that is inconvenient, or damaging, tell Amar S. Weisman so he can employ his well-honed damage control skills.
  • Ask as many questions as it takes to understand what is going on. Mr. Weisman and his staff are here to explain the meaining of the court proceedings, the purpose of the discovery process, and to craft an intricate trial strategy to effectively present evidence to the Court.
  • The best way to share information with an attorney is to have regularly scheduled meetings or telephone conferenes. To the extent your case has an emergency matter, do not hestitate to contact us immediately.
  • Forward all communications with the other side to the law firm so we have an udnerstanding of all developments and can add the information to your case file.
  • If you call the law firm and wish to speak with Mr. Weisman, please bear in mind that he may have court appearances, mediations, and meetings which are alrady scheduled. This law firm returns telephone calls in a timely basis, but it will not help matters to call six times in six hours. If you wish to receive a call back on the day of receiving your message, please share your expectation when you call.

Be Available…and Responsive

Availability and responsiveness goes both ways in a Lutherville attorney-client relationship. From the attorney’s standpoint, it is important for you to keep in mind that he or she is juggling a number of cases at once. Particularly with family law and divorce, a great deal of time is spent in court, conferences, depositions or on the phone.

Nevertheless, your attorney is well aware of the importance of keeping each client informed about the status of their cases. That said, keeping your attorney advised of the best numbers to use for contacting you is crucial -- and if you are going out of town, he or she will need to know that as well.

From the standpoint of the client, it is not unusual to expect your attorney to be waiting by the phone for your calls and questions -- so much so that you may think it wise to contact his or her office five or six times in as many hours. If your attorney is unavailable at the moment, you certainly should leave a message and it is not improper for you to expect a prompt return call.

The key is understanding promptness in a lawyer’s world. Depending on an attorney’s case load, a prompt return call may be within 24-48 hours; for others, you may receive a call the same day (depending on the time the message was received).

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