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Baltimore County Family Lawyer Discusses Divorce and Longer Marriages

Written by Amar Weisman » January 13, 2017 »

The consequences of Divorce are usually elevated in longer marriages for the following reasons:

  • There is more Marital Property.
  • Retirement plans are worth more due to decades of contribution.
  • The Marital Home is a bigger "prize" due to the build up of equity.
  • Typically the spouses are more attached to the home because they have lived the residence for a protracted period and often performed renovations.
  • To the extent there is one primary wage earner, Rehabilitative and Indefinite Alimony becomes a possibility and often a probability.

But When It’s Over, It’s Over


In the experience of this Baltimore & Bel Air Domestic Lawyer, when older people decide to divorce, there is usually no turning back. Sometimes the Children have grown up and there is little vitality in the remaining family unit. Sometimes one spouse reaches the conclusion that, despite decades of effort, nothing is going to change.

Exiting a Long-Term Marriage Requires Strategy

If you are entering the Divorce Process after a long-term marriage, then the stakes are probably high and you need to proceed with caution and purpose, meaning:

  • Determining what a Judge is likely to do if the case comes before the court and filing Professional Divorce Papers seeking "the right" amount of relief available under the law.
  • Seriously considering alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation with the presence of counsel (mediators will never ever represent your interests. Only your private attorney can advance your interests. But mediators do serve a valuable purpose).
  • Allowing your attorney to conduct a thorough Financial Review before the case begins.

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