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Written by Amar Weisman » October 19, 2016 »

All Divorces Are Traumatic

All divorces are traumatic. No matter how long or short the marriage; no matter how much or how little money is at stake; whether there are children or not; whether you or your spouse first expressed the desire to separate; the truth prevails that all divorces are traumatic.The reasons are obvious:

  • You invested years into the marriage that you will never get back.
  • You invested money into the marriage that you might or might not get back.
  • You invested hope into the marriage and probably every person going through a divorce fees foolish, at least for a day.

While Having An Excellent Family Law Attorney Is Rightly A Source of Confidence and Security, Your Lawyer's Job Is Not To Provide Emotional Support

On the one hand, at The Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman we know our clients are going through a horrific time in their lives and we respond with courtesy, compassion, and a desire to master the facts. On the other hand, the law firm is not built to provide clients with support they need to grapple with their new psychological reality.

Fortunately, the Baltimore-Metropolitan area has a number of down-to-earth, skilled and affordable therapists. Having gone through a divorce myself, I know that good advice is hard to come by. The reason is that almost everyone--friends, siblings, parents, grandparents-- the advice people offer is usually just a validation of their own opinions and experiences. People have a hard time getting outside of their own box, and, in my experience, almost nobody understands. Even your lawyer has a job to do and is not about to get distracted with all of the feelings.

The best chance you have in obtaining objective advice from somebody who is not simply validating their own beliefs and opinions (or busy protecting your financial future) is a therapist. They are trained to filter out the things that do not matter and help you deal with recent events on a deep level, not just a superficial "I will be fine/I am tough" generic level.

Please bear in mind that your therapist will not typically be a witness for you in court. On the other hand, at the Law Offices of Amar S. Weisman, we find that clients with therapists, on average, have a higher level of mission, focus, and realism that enables them to help us move their case forward effectively.

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