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Baltimore County Family Lawyer Discusses Military Families.

Written by Amar Weisman » April 29, 2016 »

Many factors make military family letters complex: Deployment, Duty Station changes and new orders make it difficult to schedule hearings, create predictable custody and access schedules and can create frequent changes in circumstances due to the prevailing relocation statute; on a financial level, the nature of military benefits, including the classification housing benefits as income for child purposes, makes it impossible to calculate child support based on just a leave and earnings statement; finally, dividing assets during a divorce depends on the passage of milestones that cause military retirement benefits to become vested. Finally, it can be difficult to acquire information when one of the parties is deployed abroad or on an aircraft carrier at an undisclosed location. 

Amar S. Weisman understands these complexities based on experience representing deployed service members and military spouses alike. As an attorney, he would remind parents who are in the military to ask a number of specific questions with respect to their rights. For example, what will occur if both parents are deployed at the same time? What rights do military parents give up while they are deployed? What happens to a parent’s custody rights upon the servicemember’s return? All of these are important questions and a Towson child custody lawyer can help ensure you get the answers you need to make the best possible decisions in your specific case.

Understanding Family Care Plans

A common document that is often used by parents who are in the military is a family care plan. Such plans can provide guidance and discuss a number of the routine daily decisions that need to be made. For instance, the plan can provide answers to common questions faced by military families, such as who will make medical decisions if the children need to seek medical attention? Who will take care of the children on a routine basis while we’re deployed?

The family care plan can help resolve such issues before they actually become points of contention for everyone involved. The plans are typically used by parents who are deployed into war zones and all military members are encouraged to have such plans in place. Still, there are certain occasions in which having a plan is mandatory.

Whether you are a single parent, someone who is primarily responsible for the care of dependent family members, part of a dual-military couple that has dependents or married with joint custody or custody of children whose non-custodial biological or adoptive parent is not your present spouse, family care plans can help you ensure your children’s needs are met if something happens.

A Look at Some of the Custody Issues Related to Relocation

Military parents who are separated or divorced face a number of challenges, particularly with respect to the possible temporary or permanent relocation of the children. Such changes can have a profound impact on custody agreements. Still, for those whose custody arrangements do not have provisions related to military relocations, they can seek assistance from the court in order to ensure the order is modified in an appropriate manner.

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