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Baltimore & Towson Lawyer Discusses Common Divorce Mistakes

Written by Amar Weisman » December 24, 2015 »

The Divorce Process is difficult for everyone. If your Financial Future and/or Parental Rights are on the line, then you should give yourself every possible advantage. Any Family Law Lawyer can tell you from experience: clients can become their worst enemies. Do not play the role of your own worst enemy.

The following are five common mistakes made by divorcing individuals:

Never Leverage Your Children

  • If there are Child Custody Disputes, it might be impossible to shield the children completely.
  • Do not try ot convince your children that the other party is at fault. They will probably figure it out, and you risk damaging your case (and losing custody0 by bad mouthing the other party.
  • Only tell the children what they need to know about the ivorce Process. Let your spouse be th4e one who talks to them about the case.

Wach Out for Verbally-Abusive Language

  • If you are getting divorced, there just is not going to be a point in time when your spouse admits guilt or fault. S/he is never going to say, "I am so sorry, you are so right, honey, I am so wrong."
  • When you tell your spouse why s/he is wrong, you communicate your arguments--you let them know what you have and you give them a gigantic gift in being able to prepare themselves for what is coming. Replace your need to "express yourself" with your desire to win.
  • If you send a text message to your spouse, you had better appreciate and understand that lawyers and judges will probably read the text message and punish you to the extent you seem angry, or abusive, or mean. Angry messages are to be received, not sent.

Don’t Give Up Everything

  • The desire to end the process is natura, yet your financial future and children may be things worth fighting for.
  • Do not accept outrageous demands from your spouse.
  • You cannot get your spouse to be "nicer" by giving him/her what4ever they want-- bullies just respect you less.
  • Even if you feel guilty, get over it. You have the same right to child support as every other spouse in your shoes. You have the same right to alimony as every other spouse in your shoes.

Don’t Let Your Feelings Get the Best of You

Sometimes, one spouse does not want the marriage to end, and ultimately, the realization that the relationship is ending can lead to high levels of resentment and anger. While both are perfectly natural emotions to feel in the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, you cannot let them control you. Try to maintain a sense of calmness and remain rational so that you will be able to make the most appropriate decisions possible with respect to the divorce.

Starting a New Romance Prior to the Final Divorce Decree? Not a Good Idea

Despite the fact that you may be fully aware of your impending divorce, starting a new relationship prior to the official divorce decree is not a wise move. Doing so will undoubtedly lead to all types of complications and will only make a bad situation considerably worse.

Years ago, the primary emotions experienced by the parties during a divorce were typically regret and sadness. However, today, the dominant emotion tends to be anger that extends not only to the soon-to-be ex-spouse, but also his or her parents, other relatives and any future mates that individual chooses.

However, if you keep the above-noted list in mind as you go through the process, you may find yourself dealing with the divorce process in a smoother manner. If you have any questions or concerns about your divorce case, contact the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC today.

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