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Towson Family Law Lawyer Discusses Crowdfunding Divorce.

Written by Amar Weisman » July 27, 2016 »

When you make the final decision to divorce your spouse, it is not uncommon for friends and family to ask if there is anything they can do to help during such a trying time. But do those consoling words also extend to helping you pay for the divorce? Divorces are very personal in nature and some individuals prefer not to speak about it much after notifying those they love that their relationship is ending.

However, as your Towson divorce lawyer knows, divorces are not always cheap. That said, most people have seen crowdfunding pages help people pay for a much-needed surgery or even a start-up business. In fact, some individuals have used crowdfunding to raise money for their wedding and honeymoon -- so why not have a crowdfunding page for those who need help paying for the divorce?

Crowdfunding for Divorces: Things to Consider

While some may be a bit embarrassed to ask loved ones to help them pay for their divorce, there are a few things that individuals facing a pending divorce should consider.

For example, a divorcing individual may not necessarily need help paying the legal fees associated with the divorce; however, he or she may need help getting a fresh start. That being the case, crowdfunding might be used to ask for help with purchasing new furniture for another home.

Of course, some people will actually need help paying the attorney fees, so they can ask for funding for that as well. Whatever the situation, the page can be set up to clearly explain why the funds are needed and it can detail exactly how the money will be used.

Other Ways to Get Through a Divorce

Even if you don’t want to go the crowdfunding route with your friends and family, there are other ways in which those individuals can help you survive the tough times. For instance, if you have to move out of the family home, your friends and family may be willing to help you by packing some boxes and loading up the moving truck.

While it is true that some divorcing individuals prefer to be alone with their own thoughts, spending some quality time with family and friends -- even if it’s during a packing party -- can be a huge help both personally and mentally.

Along those same lines, it is important for divorcing individuals to keep their loved ones close, so if a friend or family member reaches out, whether it’s via text, email or phone call, take a moment to respond. True friends, as well as your family, want to be there to help you, so it is important for you to allow them to do that when possible.

Divorcing individuals should also remember to take time out for themselves. This can be done by simply going out for a nice dinner or taking in a good movie. Also, if an invitation is extended for dinner or a night out -- even if couples are going to be there too -- do not be too quick to turn it down.

Friends and family do not care whether or not you come alone or with someone else -- they are more concerned with spending time with you and ensuring that you are doing okay in light of recent events.

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