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Baltimore County Family Lawyer Explains How Divorce Undermines Children At School.

Written by Amar Weisman » September 29, 2016 »

If you have a divorce and/or child custody dispute involving minor children, school-related issues deserve the maximum level of consideration. We know you want to protect your children, especially if you are worried the other parent is trying to take advantage of the situation. As a client, you will must work with your lawyer to identify the best practicable physical custody arrangements.

The Custodial Parent’s Role During the School Year

It helps to begin considering what the custodial parent really does during the school year:

  • Transporting the child to and from school.
  • Helping with homework to ensure completion of all assignments.
  • Communicating with teachers to monitor classroom performance.
  • Working with the school,counselor to resolve any behavioral issues
  • Signing permission slips.
  • Taking the child to extracurricular activities and school events

Having identified the child's needs, the question becomes, who will meet these needs if granted physical custody? If the judge wants to maintain stability, s/he might not bless changing school districts, relocating the child away from friends or preventing the child from playing the same sports.

Good communication should be maintained between both parents and the child’s teachers and school administrators, particularly with respect special projects due and/or parent-teacher conferences.

Helping With Homework

Homework is a significant part of a child’s life during the school year. For those parents who are sharing custody of the children during the week, having a routine for dealing with homework and ensuring its completion would be ideal. Both parents should be aware of what is required of the child with respect to homework and any class projects that are due throughout the year.

Sports and Other Activities

While it is important to try to maintain a child’s sense of normalcy during the divorce, the reality of the situation may require the children to end their participation in certain sports or other extracurricular activities. However, for those who are able to keep their children in various activities, having a clear schedule that is communicated to both parents is crucial. Depending on the visitation and custody orders in place, the scheduling of certain activities may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Who’s Providing the Ride?

A common issue that arises relates to transporting the child to and from school. It’s often a challenge because one parent may live in a certain school district and the other may live in a totally different district. For those with shared custody arrangements that have the kids going from home to home during the week, the issue could result in ongoing disputes and arguments. That said, parents may wish to consider utilizing the services of an outside party, should they deem it necessary.

Whenever changes are made in anyone’s life, the range of emotions that follow can be a lot to handle -- especially for children. That is why working to establish a smooth transition prior to school starting is strongly encouraged. If you have questions or concerns related to your family law matter, do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC.

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