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Understanding the New Limited Representation Rules in Family Law Cases

Written by Amar Weisman » January 27, 2016 »

Previously, anyone interested in working with a Towson family law attorney had to use him or her for everything – even if the individual only needed an attorney for a specific aspect of the case. This is because past court rules did not permit attorneys to represent a client in a limited capacity. Simply stated, it was an all or nothing approach to handling cases, so any attorney taking the case had to offer the client either complete representation or no representation, no matter what the client wanted or needed.

However, the rules have changed. As of July 1, 2015, attorneys in Maryland are permitted to limit their representation, even in family law cases, when requested by the client. The changes are quite advantageous to individuals who are in need of representation because they can now use the services of a lawyer for a specific aspect of their family law litigation and avoid the often high costs associated with full representation.

A Closer Look at the Changes

Under the new rules, both clients and attorneys will be required to sign and file an Acknowledgement of Scope of Limited Representation, which allows the attorney to give limited representation in numerous types of civil proceedings -- family law cases included. The change is significant because some clients may be more knowledgeable than others with respect to the law and their legal options and rights, and as such, they may not need the full representation that was previously required.

Some clients may simply need assistance with a child custody or support issue, or they may need a prenuptial agreement or need to request a support modification. The client can save a great deal of money with limited representation, as the attorney can simply provide “legal guidance” to the client without going to court or handling other associated tasks that the client could do on his or her own.

Examples of What a Client Can Expect From Limited Representation

The following is provided to give individuals in Overlea and Randallstown a general idea of the level of representation they can expect to receive from their attorney should they choose to seek limited family law representation.

For those seeking representation for an uncontested divorce, the attorney will file the child support guidelines worksheet (if needed), prepare a Judgment of Divorce (if there is a hearing before a judge) and handle all issues to be heard at that time.

If an individual needs to file a complaint, answer, counterclaim or motion to modify support (spousal or child), the attorney will file the financial statement (if it’s required under the rules), as well as an affidavit in compliance with the family law statute (if required).

While it is true that some family law issues may be easier to deal with than others, having the option of utilizing limited representation from a Maryland lawyer can be quite beneficial in the long run. If you believe that you or a family member would benefit from having limited representation for a family law issue, do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Amar Weisman, LLC as soon as possible.

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