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Baltimore County Family Lawyer Discusses: Unequal Division of Chores May Induce Divorce

Written by Amar Weisman » October 21, 2016 »

In my experience, money disagreements usually precede the divorce. Marriages cannot be successful unless both spouses are on the same page concerning money, who cares for the home and how to divide child-related responsibilities. These challenges have grown during the last century as women transitioned into the workforce. Recently, a study looked into divorce and the habits of modern couples to answer the question of why people get divorced.

The Husband’s Employment Can Make or Break a Modern Marriage

The study, in which Alexandra Killewald, professor of sociology at Harvard University, looked into couples married before and after 1975, debunked the myth that finances are necessarily the largest factor when it comes to potential divorce.

“The cash stuff doesn’t matter,” she explained. Instead, it’s the actions of the husbands and wives. In this case, she found that when it came to couples married before 1975, the amount of housework the wife did had an impact on the potential for divorce. According to her data, wives who did 75% of the housework were less likely to get divorced than wives who did 50% of the housework.

However, in couples married after 1975, the expectations were very different. In these relationships, the amount of housework done by the wife was less of an indicator of divorce, than the job status of the husband. Her findings revealed that men who had lost their jobs or only had part-time work were more likely to get a divorce than men who worked full-time.

So, while women may have more of an opportunity to branch out into jobs of their choosing, it seems that society, as a whole, has not yet decided to cut men any slack.

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These findings shed an interesting light on the gender roles that continue to shape the way many people view the world. Despite a great deal of progress in recent years towards gender equality, it seems many are still holding fast to at least a few long-held notions on the roles of husbands and wives in a marriage.

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