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Frequently Asked Questions About Maryland Divorce

How long does it take to get a divorce in Maryland?

Every divorce takes at least a few months even under the best of circumstances. Divorce have to be heard in court and that means a lawsuit must be filed with a complaint, service of process, the filing of an answer by the defendant and the scheduling of a court hearing. If there is a proper settlement agreement and no children, then the court might set up an uncontested hearing a few months after filing. Divorces take longer when there are things linked property, alimony, or custody to resolve. In addition, you cannot get a divorce in Maryland just because one or both people want one. It is necessary to establish grounds for divorce. 

What are grounds for divorce?

Grounds for divorce refer to things that entitles two people to end their marriage under Maryland law. These include proving a twelve month separation, adultery or the existence of a complete and proper agreement. The most common grounds for divorce are twelve month separation and mutual consent.