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Towson Child Support Lawyers | Extraordinary Medical Expenses.

The Maryland Child Support Guidelines & Extraordinary Medical Expenditures. 

Extraordinary Medical Expenses are medical expenses that are not fully covered by the minor child's medical insurance that are reasonable and necessary. The definition of Extraordinary Medical Expenses is defined by Md. Family Law 12-204(i)(1). Common examples of potential extraordinary medical expenses include: 


  • Emergency costs that were incurred at a hospital Emergency Department or a private urgent care center like Patient First. 
  • Co-payments for routine the pediatrician,child psychologist, psychiatrist,  licensed therapist, specialist and physical therapist following an injury. 
  • The cost of treatment for a chronic condition, like asthma including the out-pf-pocket co-payment for the allergist and the inhalers that are necessary for the minor child to breathe. 
  • The cost of prescribed medication, like stimulant medication for Attention Deficit Disorder.  

The Child Support Guidelines Worksheet factors the cost of Extraordinary Medical Expenses are are incurred on a monthly basis. Whether and how Extraordinary Medical Expenses are included in child support depends on whether they are likely to recur. They can also be divided by the parties based on their pro rata share of total income.

As a Baltimore County Child Support Lawyer, Amar Weisman understands how to address controversies that arise when determining whether and how extraordinary expenses impact child support. Controversies include:

  • Costs incurred for services rendered by out-of-network health care providers. / 
  • Costs for medicine one parent thinks is unnecessary or unauthorized.
  • The debate between whether an expenditure is ordinary or extraordinary.