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Child support issues can arise whenever parents find it necessary to end their relationships with each other. When couples decide to part ways for whatever reason, and a child is part of the equation, that child will still need to be cared for. One of the p purposes o child support is to help custodial parents handle the high-cost o of raising and caring for a child. Baltimore County paternity lawyer can tell you to receive monetary support from both parents.

One crucial thing that individuals seeking child support for their children should know is that in Maryland, a court ct order child support without legal proof of paternity. T who wish to establish paternity can do so either through a court order or by filling out an Affidavit of Parentage form.

Establishing Paternity at the Time of Birth

A quick and easy way to start the paternity establishment process is to encourage the father to put his name on the birth certificate and sign an Affidavit of Parentage, declaring that he is the father. J, the affidavit can be completed at a later time after the birth of the child as long as it is notarized. Once notarized, the document must be sent to the Division of Vital Records.

Your paternity lawyer will also advise those who have signed Affidavit of Parentage forms that if the potential father changes his mind, he has a right to cancel the affidavit by filling out a rescission form within 60 days of the date listed on the t. However, if the 60-day period has passed, the parents will need a court order to nullify the affidavit. Generally, the court will only c if it finds a material mistake of fact, duress or fraud involved.

Court Actions Regarding Paternity

Whenever there is a paternity dispute, individuals often turn to the court system to resolve the issue. Paternity actions are lawsuits that individuals file t have a man declared a child's father. A mother or a father can initiate a case.

Additionally, parents should be aware that welfare officials might get involved in the paternity establishment process if the mother is receiving Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) because the law requires the father to reimburse p for the care of his child. Mothers should note that they must cooperate with proceedings that w I because if they do not, they risk having their TANF reduced or ended altogether.

Blood  DNA tests can establish paternity with a 99.99 percent accuracy and rule out paternity with 100 percent accuracy. Once paternity has been f after court action, the court will likely issue a child support order and discuss custody vs.

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