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The Anatomy of the Maryland Divorce 

These are the most common of grounds for absolute divorce in Maryland, which are stated in §7-103 of the Maryland Family Law Article. The grounds for divorce must be properly stated in the complaint and/or counterclaim and established with evidence presented at a divorce hearing. In order for the court to have jurisdiction over your divorce claim, one of the parties must be a Maryland Resident.  

Adultery =- MD Code, Family Law §7-103(a)(1)

  • No minimum separation period 
  • Sex between a married person and somebody who is not his/her spouse.
  • Usually proved using circumstantial evidence
  • Needs evidence they had an opportunity/time to do it, i.e. an unidentified vehicle is parked overnight where your separate spouse resides can arguably satisfy this threshold according to case some case law.
  • Needs evidence they were intimate and disposed to do it.
    • For example, holding hands in public.
  • Can happen while people are “separated.”
  • The requirements for adultery are discussed by the Court of Appeals in the seminal case, Payne v. Payne

Cruelty Of Treatment/Excessively Vicious Conduct Pursuant to MD Code, Family Law §7-103(a)(6)

  • Grounds for an absolute divorce
  • pursuant to MD Code, Family Law, §7-103(a)(6).
  • No waiting period
  • Cruelty against spouse or against a minor child
  • Usually includes a violence component but not always
  • Grounds for an immediate divorce

One-Year Separation Pursuant to MD Code, Family Law §7-103(a)(4)

  • Grounds for an absolute divorce
  • Lived separate and apart for more than one year without cohabitation
  • No marital relations while separated
  • No-fault grounds for divorce in Maryland.

Mutual Consent Pursuant to MD Code, Family Law §7-103(a)(8)

  • Grounds for an absolute divorce
  • Written Marital Separation Agreement ("MSA")
    • Must directly address or irrevocably waive alimony. 
    • Must directly address oi irrevocably waive marital award. 
    • If there are children, must address legal custody, physical custody and child support and be accompanied by a Child Support Guidelines Worksheet. 
  • Parties must appear at the final divorce hearing. 
  • No witness required


  • Grounds for a limited divorce
  • Does not end the marriage
  • Does not resolve property issues
  • Provides permission from the State to live separately
  • Possibility of alimony
  • Parties do not live together
  • Parties do not have sex.

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