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Evidence in Child Custody Family Law Matters


Evidence in Maryland Child Custody Litigation

As your Baltimore County Family Law lawyer, Amar S. Weisman knows that you are probably the most c witness for t  advance your Child Custody matter. Therefore, t k focus on what matters most; will go over the things that are likely to come up in mediation and court hearings. T, your attorney, will assist in your case, one piece at a time, which may include the following:

Live Testimony 

You are the most important witness at your child custody trial. Amar S. Weisman works with clients to develop their testimony and tell a convincing and truthful narrative that is relevant to the factors considered by the Court to determine the Best Interests of the Minor Child. These are things you should be able to discuss at your child custody trial:

Address these areas in your statement:

  • Describe your daily and weekly routines during the school year and summer, focusing on your involvement in your child's daily life.
  •  Detail your participation in school activities, including your interactions with the principal, teachers, and guidance counselor.
  • Explain your presence at your child's athletic events such as lacrosse, football, baseball, and soccer games.
  • Discuss how you address and support your child's emotional needs.
  • Describe how you manage transportation for your child's social activities
  • Discuss your knowledge of your child's friends and your involvement in their social interactions.
  • Provide an overview of your communication with the other parent, including any challenges and how you have attempted to resolve them.
  • Detail your support network of family and friends, emphasizing their involvement in your child's life.
  • Explain your employment situation and how it enables you to provide for your child's material needs.
  • Share your knowledge of your child's interests, such as favorite movies, video games, and school subjects.


The following exhibits are submitted for consideration in the child custody trial. Each item has been selected to substantiate the stability, involvement, and commitment of the parent to the welfare and development of the child. These exhibits include documented interactions with educational institutions, evidence of participation in extracurricular activities, records of communication with the other parent, and various other proofs of active engagement in the child's life.

  • Report Cards, academic progress reports, and any correspondence from the school concerning the minor child's behavior. 
  • Enrollment forms for magnet schools, private schools, summer camps, and extracurricular activities.
  • Medical and dental records s you effectuated, or f of appointments you missed d the opposing party. 
  • Photographs that show the living environment yd or can provide for the child/children and p showing what they do and with whom you are provided the opportunity to have physical custody. P" I still p, X-ray films, video tapes, and motion pictures As defined by MD Rule 5-1001. 
  • Financial documents necessary to p calculate child support y the Maryland Child Support Guidelines, including pay stubs for both parties, bank records showing the frequency and size of deposits, disability benefits received and the cost of d, health insurance, and extraordinary medical expenses.
  • Evidence that may b the opposing party includes communications, orders granting (or denying) peace and protective orders, police reports, applications for statements of charges, and the deficiency of child support payments. 
  • Written admissions of the opposing party u MD Rule 5-1007, including text messages and email communications. 

Witnesses In Child Custody Proceedings

  • Immediate Family Members 
  • Grandparents 
  • Childcare Providers 
  • Employees of Childcare Providers 
  • Former Spouses of the Parents
  • Teachers and T Assistance
  • Law Enforcement officers 
  • Neighbors 
  • School Parents
  • School Counselors
  • Best Interest Attorneys
  • Child Counselors and Licensed Social Workers
  • Custody Evaluators 
  • Adult Siblings of the Minor Child 

Obtain Child Custody Evidence in Baltimore County Through Subpoenas, Document Requests, and Interrogatories

  • Subpoenas To Force T To Produce Key Documents: 
    • Baltimore County Board of Education a the School.
    • Law Enforcement agencies, including the Baltimore County Police Department.
    • Baltimore County Public Library. 
    • Banks and Financial Institutions Necessary to Provide Documentation of Income. 
    • Employers can provide not only pay stubs and bonuses but evidence of the other party's work schedule and ability to be with the minor child when they have custodial access. 
    • Health Care Providers, including the dentist and pediatrician, to establish any extraordinary medical expenses.
  • Interrogatories are questions the other side must answer concerning:
    • Living arrangements when the minor child is with the other parent. 
    • Identification of all sources of taxable and non-taxable income.
    • Identification of all work-related d providers. 
    • Retrace health care d, including surgeries, orthodontic treatments, and vaccinations.  
    • Disclosure of the other side's medical history, including concerning mental health.
    • Disclosure of key witnesses in advance of the hearing a trial.  
  • Requests For the Production of Documents
    • Text messages between the parties
    • Facebook account archive 
    • Bank, credit card, and telephone records 
  • Subpoenas to force third parties to provide c records: 
    • Baltimore County Public Schools & Private schools, to provide report cards and attendance records. 
    • Employers are to provide pay stubs, overtime, and bonuses.
    • Law enforcement to provide police reports
    • Health Care Providers I p, dentists, and counselors.  

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